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How To Learn Carnatic Vocal Music Online?

14th Jun, 2022

Want to start learning Carnatic vocal music but do not know how you can do the same from your home? Don't worry anymore because digital advancements have made everything much more manageable. Today you can start learning Carnatic music right at home and without external support. It is one of the most beautiful domains of South Indian classical singing.

Here is a quick lesson of Carnatic singing technique

However, because it presumably appears to be difficult, people do not try to pursue the same. Today there are tons of online sources that are just perfect for your learning. When we talk about cardiac music, there are not only classes that can teach you to sing, but even there are a lot of online aids. We will be talking about some of these aids, and remember that most are pretty good.

Carnatic music is not complex, and it is just that you need much more practice and the zeal to learn. Once you start learning, you will know that the process is much easier. All one needs is the right motivation and the dedication to begin learning Carnatic music vocal.

More About Carnatic Vocal Music

Before we go and start talking about how you can learn Carnatic music and how to sit at your home, we must discuss a little about this form of music. Carnatic music originated from the southern part of India, one of the most beautiful forms of music that you will ever come across. It is believed that the pillars of Carnatic music were set by Hindu tradition. Most of the compositions that you will hear were composed to be played in temples.

There is an emphasis on the presence of deities in the songs, which makes it a pious form of music. Often Carnatic music is clubbed with Bharatanatyam, the classical form of dance, and it looks stunning. Carnatic music vocal classes are not challenging, unlike the popular view, and you need to have a basic knowledge about the field to start learning. There are gurus usually who teach you, but today there are some fantastic online aids who do the work of a Guru.

Not only that, some people want to learn, but they do not have the proper aid. In such cases, you can choose to say that your home and still learn.

Ways To Learn Carnatic Music Online

All of us know that the digital world has moved so fast that there are numerous advancements that have made life easier for us. One such great option is how we have tons of materials available online. We will talk about some of the easiest to access opportunities. Of course, you can sign up for the more premium versions, which are available online, to have a piece of better knowledge. However, the ones we will talk about can be accessed by everyone.

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  1. YouTube Videos - Instead of choosing to surf YouTube just listening to songs, you can also choose to learn from them quickly. There are numerous professional Carnatic singers online who have their own YouTube channels. One of the best things about these YouTube channels is that they are very easily accessible. Most of these teachers focus right from the basics and then move to the more advanced levels.
    Because these videos have been uploaded to YouTube, you can choose to access them whenever you want to quickly; not only that, you can choose to access them numerous times as well for a better reference.
  2. Online Classes - The following way to learn Carnatic music online is by signing up for the online Carnatic music classes. One of the best things about these classes is that because they are online, you do not have to travel anywhere and can simply sit at your home. It often happens that numerous people want to learn and are genuinely interested. However, because of these accessibility issues, it becomes difficult to go and then attend classes.
    Online classes are the best resolution, and currently, there are a few reputed academies and they are known for the Carnatic music classes that they run, and there is immense knowledge about the field. Although these are online Carnatic music classes, they are very well-balanced and structured.
  3. Study The Music Domain - And finally, many people think that only practicality is essential for singing. But you can also choose to learn the theory from the materials available online. Combining the approach with practice is the way to learn and that you can easily do with the help of online articles. Just surf for the relevant documents, and you will have access to many of them.


When we talk about the field of Carnatic music vocal and that too to learn online, there are a lot of choices. However, not all of these choices are up to the mark, and hence you have to be very sure of their viability.

The best academies are training students on Carnatic vocal music in an inclusive manner while students have a great learning experience. Get in touch with the representatives of Kafqa Academy if you need more information on online Carnatic music classes.

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