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How to Learn Basic Hip Hop Dance at Home-A step by step guide

30th May, 2022

Besides involving yourself in the academic world, engaging in various co-curricular activities is essential. If you are willing to lead a healthy lifestyle and gain recognition among the lot, tapping into the world of dance can be the best bet. People nowadays have become incredibly busy; grabbing sleep for prolonged hours seems like a real task at times. However, making room for your passion is equally crucial, and when you can learn dance at home, why not grab this excellent opportunity?

Are you an aspiring dancer willing to excel in the art of hip hop? Well, you have hopped into the right place. Check out this blog as it discusses some ways of learning hip hop at your own pace and convenience.

Simple Dance Moves for Beginners

● How to Learn Basic Hip Hop Dance at Home: Look for Online Tutorials

Since you are a complete newbie in this world of hip hop, you might not possess the extensive knowledge required to nail this artform. That’s why taking a look at the online tutorials might be helpful in this process. In this digital era, Google can be your BFF and extend real solutions in no time. You need to search for dance tutorials and rely on them to gain reliable information.

● Consider Doing Some Stretches and Warm-Up

Before directly diving into the dance routine, performing specific warm-up exercises and stretches are mandatory. It will allow you to relax your body and enjoy the steps seamlessly. The activities are pretty easy peasy; check them out:

  • If you want to learn dance at home, jog for 1-5 minutes without a break or pause. You need to feel your increasing heart rate.
  • Move your shoulder, ankle, and hip joints in a circular motion for the next few minutes.
  • Consider doing some lunges at least 5-10 times; it will stretch out your thighs, thus making them relaxed and loose.

Being a beginner, you might not know about these various warm-up activities. However, there is absolutely nothing to worry about! You will get access to all the workouts in the online forums. Being active in these workout sessions is quite crucial if you want to prevent injuries and significant pitfalls.

● You Can Enroll Yourself in an Online Dance Class

Attending physical dance sessions might be hectic and tiresome after a stressful day at work. But, these days, none of the creative institutions are limited to the conventional methods. You can choose among the plethora of online dance classes and receive expert training from skilled industry professionals. If you wonder ‘how to learn hip hop dance at home,’ enrolling yourself in these online courses can be beneficial. These classes will enable you to learn the routine at your own pace and comfort zone. How great does that sound?

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● Try to Dance in Front of a Mirror

Dancing in front of a mirror will help you identify the loopholes, thus allowing you to correct them. If there is a fault in your movement or stylation, the mirror will instantly mark those mistakes. Apart from that, practicing the routine near a mirror enables you to fix expressions, hand gestures, body movements, and many more. Even if you are into online hip hop dance classes , facing the mirror will leave no room for drawbacks!

● You Need to Start with Easy and Basic Steps

Hip-hop dance is a broad area; mastering this form of art takes years of dedication, hard work, and practice. In the initial stage, taking baby steps is a must. Start with the basic hip hop movements such as the hip pull, chest pop, happy feet, arms wave, etc. Once you learn the beginner steps, incorporating them into the main dance routine will get easier.

● Practice, Practice, and Practice

‘How to learn hip hop dance at home is not enough unless and until you practice whatever you have learned. Remember that the steps in sequential order are the primary key to slay. Hip hop dance usually involves small, crisp and straightforward steps. Missing out on one of the movements will massively affect the entire performance. As you already know, practice makes a man perfect. Thus, giving up is not an option; you need to attempt it repeatedly unless you are gaining top-notch confidence in yourself.

● Don’t Forget to Take Timely Breaks

While learning the dance steps for beginners, you need to take small breaks and drink an appropriate amount of water. If you don’t care for your body, nailing among the crowd will become a big deal. The short breaks will allow you to breathe for a moment and gain the required energy for the next few minutes.

The Bottom Line

By following this essential guide, you can now learn dance at home. With this, you will be blessed with the opportunity to balance both your passion and profession.

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