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How to Hold a Guitar-Get the Hand Positioning and Posture Right

10th May, 2022

Watching Chester Bennington bash those guitar strings can make you feel nostalgic, but reaching that level requires patience and dedication. If you are willing to evolve as a fantastic guitar artist shortly, it is essential to learn some guitar basics. Before getting straight into the chords and frets, you need to know how to hold your guitar. Check out this blog and gain more information on the topic mentioned above!

One Trick for Perfect Hand Positioning of Guitar

Guitar Basics: Make an Appropriate Sitting Arrangement for Yourself

Since you are a complete newbie in this field, you should consider starting your musical journey by making an appropriate sitting arrangement. It will enable you to hold your guitar with the utmost ease and comfort. However, specific furniture is not at all suitable and should be avoided under all circumstances. Some of them include a sofa, a high stool, or an armchair. These pieces of furniture will bring discomfort in the process and can lead to harmful postures. Instead, choose to sit on a chair that doesn’t come armed with arms. These armless tools will help you to hold your baby correctly. Also, make sure that you are sitting up straight and can move freely.

The Orientation of the Guitar Should be Correct

After you are done deciding on the sitting arrangement, you need to make sure that the orientation of the instrument is done correctly. This is the second step of how to hold a guitar. You need to remember two crucial things: the guitar’s body should be on your dominant hand’s side, whereas the fretted part of the instrument must be placed on the non-dominant side. The dominant hand is your picking hand or strumming hand, which will allow you to create the magical tune. On the other hand, the non-dominant hand is in charge of dealing with the frets.

Keep Your Arms Unrestricted

This is one of the most crucial factors you need to remember while holding your guitar. If you tend to restrict your arms, it will do more harm than good. Your hands and arms are supposed to be your guitar’s best friends; they are meant to help you so that you can play the instrument effortlessly. Restricting them will make the entire process quite problematic.

Secure the Guitar with Your Forearm and Elbow of the Dominant Hand

You need to keep the guitar extremely close to your body. The backside of this musical instrument must touch your torso. The strings and fretboard must be held in such a way so that it stays perpendicular to the ground. If you choose to place them in a tilted position instead, it will restrict you from getting a better view. However, do not hug this baby too tightly. Practice strumming to allow your hands to bash the strings comfortably. Holding your guitar should be a complicated task; it should be done with extreme poise and grace.

Consider Sitting Up Straight

To hold your guitar in the correct position, you will have to sit up straight; there’s no other choice! Mastering your guitar postures demand two basic positionings-ensure that you are sitting with your back completely straight and place your legs at a right angle. If you keep these two tips in mind, you will learn the tricks of holding your guitar in no time. Learning how to hold a guitar will allow you to strum correctly, learn easy songs, play the guitar chords, play lead guitar, etc. Your half of the job will seem smoother once you know how to grab your babe!

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Select the Right Thigh to Place Your Guitar

While playing your guitar, you must place the instrument safely on your thigh. The majority of the guitarists tend to keep their guitars on the right thigh. But, there are a few exceptions as well. If keeping them on your left thigh makes you feel comfortable, you can go for that option too. The thigh is undoubtedly not essential here; you need to ensure that the instrument is positioned in a linear line across the body. By following these simple guitar rules, you can rock in no time!

Select the Guitar’s Size Wisely

As you already know, guitars are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. Selecting the right fit for you is highly mandatory here! If you are a short-height person, don’t consider purchasing more prominent guitars since it might make you feel uncomfortable after a certain point in time. On the other hand, choosing a small-sized guitar will cause severe tension in your back if you have a stunning height!

Learn the right ways

These are some of the important ways of holding your guitar correctly. It is a crucial part of the guitar basics that will help you greatly in the long run. If you associate with the top trainers and leading guitar classes online, then you can surely learn the right ways to hold a guitar.

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