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How To Get The Best Bharatanatyam Dance Academy in India

30th May, 2022

If you look for a professional dance academy in India, the numbers are too many, and the most poignant part is that most of them claim that they are better than the others. And this is where individuals who want to join Bharatanatyam classes get confused and wonder which option is the one that they should consequently sign up for.

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There are usually a lot of factors that are at work when we talk about the Bharatanatyam dance academy in India. We have made a short checklist that will be easier for you to analyze. Bharatnatyam as a dance form is coveted, and the best thing is that you learn from professionals who have been in the field and know the intricacy of the field.

It is also true that you do not need to search for offline classes only, and there are a lot of online Bharatanatyam classes as well, which are equally popular. However, keep in mind that you have to look for the same qualities, irrespective of whether it is an online or offline platform.

Factors That Help You Decide The Best Institute to Learn Bharatanatyam in India:

There are usually a lot of factors that are at bay when it comes to deciding the best Bharatanatyam classes, and try to make sure that at least two of these factors are checked. Some of the major factors that should always be put under consideration are:

1. Trainers

The first option which tends to play the biggest role in deciding which is the best institute for learning Bharatanatyam is the team of trainers who are associated with them. There are no two ways about the fact that teachers are one of the most important factors, and that stands true to learning Bharatanatyam as well. Make sure that the trainers who are associated with them have a certain bit of experience onboard.

Experienced trainers are no doubt the most important factor to be a factor, and they will decide whether you will be able to learn in an organized fashion. If you have a good enough trainer, they will ensure that you can learn from the basics to the advanced levels in the right way as well.

The best in this respect is Kafqa Academy which has some of the best teachers, and more importantly, they are great dancers as well. The expert trainers ensure that they can teach the students in the best way possible.

2. Genre of Bharatanatyam

Currently, the domain of Bharatanatyam has become exceedingly popular, and hence there are a lot of classes that are popping up and providing tuition to students. But ultimately, it is very important to understand that Bharatanatyam has a lot of domains, and not everyone wants to learn the same kind of genre.

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Hence the most important thing to do is have an idea of which class teaches you which genre of Bharatanatyam. If you want to learn professionally, then the one thing to do is start from the basics and then move on to the more advanced levels.

Indian classical dance is not as easy as it might seem, and hence focusing on the basics is important so that down the line, you can develop in the more complex genres as well. The more you streamline your interest, the better it will be for you because you will be able to focus on the one field which interests you the most.

3. Experience

The next important thing to keep in mind is the experience that a dance academy in India offers its students who want to go forth with learning Bharatanatyam. If the experience they have is more, it automatically means that they will have the upper hand in training more students.

It, however, does not mean that the ones who are comparatively new in the field are not good enough. The best dance academy will always have more skills to exhibit. We suggest that you go forth with those options which have been working in the domain of training students for more than at least a year. It will add credibility and make sure students learn from the best.

4. Certification

Finally, it is almost given that when you learn a particular form of dance, you tend to give a lot of effort and time to the same. In this respect, it is very important that the institution you are training adds on the credibility of your training.

The name of Kafqa Academy, in this case, is very viable, and they are known to provide students with formal training, which is fruitful and can even be showcased in the formal competitions where you need to have a bharatanatyam certificate as a document to put forth.


We have established that it is important to have a good idea about the various domains and then eventually choose the one which serves as the best when it comes to Bharatanatyam classes. One such great option which has been known to become the best in the field is Kafqa Academy, and the most potent thing to remember is that it is a professional academy.

If you want to learn from the basics to the most advanced sections, go forth with Kafqa Academy, and you will get the best training possible in this domain.

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