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How Online Hip-Hop Dance Classes Improve Social and Cognitive Skills in Kids?

22nd Mar, 2022

Hip hop dance originated in the streets of Bronx in the early 1970s, and since then, it has gained increasing popularity worldwide. With international influence, hip hop dance has turned into a cultural movement. It embraces a broad range of dance forms such as popping, locking, breaking, krumping etc. In the past few decades, hip hop dance has successfully established itself as an artistic, expressive, and fun movement style. You can enroll yourself in online hip hop dance classes to improve social awareness through creativity, storytelling and emotions. Apart from that, it portrays a significant impact on your cognitive skills. Check the article to gain new insights.

HIP HOP Dance Choreography Tutorial for Beginners

How Can Online Hip Hop Dance Improve Your Cognitive Skills?

According to a research study, your experience in hip hop tends to shape your cognitive skills. Take a quick look at some of the points mentioned below:

The Agility of the Mind

If you choose to involve your kids in a hip hop dance class, the act of continuous rehearsal will improve their mental agility. They will get the opportunity to learn new body postures, gestures and stances that will help them absorb new ideas. They will also learn to store the steps in their memory.

Builds Intelligence

Dance involves musical intelligence and non-verbal spatiality. It will help your kid to visualize objects and shapes in a better way. It will generate the potential to rotate 3D shapes and pictures in the mind mentally. Through their musical intelligence, they will develop an understanding of various tones, rhythms and pitches. Apart from that, a hip hop dance class can contribute a lot to improving their linguistic skills.

Online Hip Hop Dance Classes Result in Better Cognitive Development

Dancing consists of proper synchronization of movements and memorizing the steps. It involves various cognitive functions through execution, perception, motor skills and memory. Dance is a language that can communicate with the audience through storytelling. It creates a perfect environment for the child's cognitive development.

Functional Connectivity

The functional connectivity is better in the professional dancers when compared to those who are newbies in the field. These motor learning loops are fundamental in performance and training since these loops tend to control action selection and body movement.

Enhances Memory

Dancing can improve the kid's memory along with their brain function. According to specific research, dancing helps take care of spatial memory and cerebral health.

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Eliminates Depression

If you feel difficulty expressing your feelings through words, you can dance it out. The same goes for the kids. Depression is a mental condition that takes place due to immense sadness. It makes it challenging for the person to regulate their emotions. According to researchers, one can choose to combat depression through dancing. It is an excellent treatment therapy that focuses on emotional expression and body movement. Hip hop dance can help you to reduce the levels of depression seamlessly.

Provides Satisfaction

Dancing provides a sense of satisfaction and positively affects the child's mind. When they see improvements after continuous practice sessions, nothing will feel more blessed than that. It will help them feel satisfied after completing their dance routines, exercises and daily stretches.

Combat Diseases

Dancing has the potential to affect the activity of the child's brain. It enables their brains to develop new neural connections. Also, this brilliant exercise can deal with several neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease, stroke and cerebral palsy.

How Can Dance Improve a Child's Social Skills?

In the development process of a child, focusing on their social skills is extremely vital, and a dance class can serve the purpose. Besides contributing to the physical and cognitive benefits, dance classes can improve your kid's social skills to a great extent. Check out some of the points that are mentioned below.

  • Dance is a great way to build openness and trust among your kids. It is an activity that can boost their communication skills, improve their self-esteem and enable them to step out of their comfort zone.
  • It can alleviate the kid's anxiety about new people and new places. Also, developing social skills will enable them to perform on stage in front of a massive audience.
  • While exercising, the kids release endorphins that help them feel positive both mentally and emotionally. It will enable them to feel more de-stressed in the class and open rooms for socializing with other people.
  • The choreography sessions are a great way to improve your child's social skills. A proper routine demands adequate patience, teamwork and synchronization. It will increase the communication among their teammates and the teacher, thus developing their social skills.

The Bottom Line

Online hip hop dance classes can act as a boon for your child. It can make them physically fit and improve their social and cognitive capabilities with utmost ease.

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