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How Many Types of Jatiswaram are there in Bharatanatyam?

26th Aug, 2022

Bharatanatyam is one of the most lucrative forms of Indian classical dance, and it has been promising in keeping the regal output of the same in mind. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of Indian classical dance and, since its inception, has been a topic of discussion for most people who love to dance. Now when it comes to the domain of Bharatanatyam, it is crucial to mention here that there are tons of segments, and all of them are varied from each other.

One such domain that we are going to talk about in detail today is none other than Jathiswaram and why it is so important. No matter which classes you join, this is one segment that will undoubtedly be taught to you, and once that acquisition has taken place, you will be able to learn a lot of other inputs, which are equally important.

The importance of Jatiswaram is very crucial, and hence we will talk about the various domains in this discussion. You can also choose to sign up with professional classes that will give you good exposure and help you learn more about this sector in detail.

Jathiswaram in Bharatanatyam for your Refrence

What is Jathiswaram in Bharatanatyam?

In this segment, first, we will talk about what Jathiswaram is in Bharatanatyam and why it is used. If you are someone who knows even a little bit about Bharatanatyam or even has just started, Jathiswaram is one concept that might be very clear to you. In the most simple terms, we can say that Jathiswaram is a complete choreography that is based on dance or pure Nritta to be very technical.

The most prominent feature of Jathiswaram is that it is entirely based on the domain of simple musical composition and is quite essential. But at the same time, although it is necessary, the most important thing we have to say is that it is elementary. You will see that the steps used for Jathiswaram are also very promising; hence, learning the same is very important before you go to the more intricate domains.

The most common and viable medium of performing the Jathiswaram is an essential musical composition based on a particular raga or tala. Although it might seem very basic to some, mastering this is one of the major things that many dancers fail to achieve.

What Are The Different Types of Jatiswaram?

Now when we talk about the domain of Jathiswaram, it is also crucial to talk about the other factors, which are equally important. The next thing that we are going to talk about in this respect is the types of Jathiswaram. Now, if you go to the basics of this particular domain, you will see that Jathiswaram follows the rules of Swarajati, which can again be divided into three essential facets. We will talk about the three parts as well.

  1. Pallavi - The first domain is none other than Pallavi, which is very important and refers to the repetition of the melody, which is indeed very promising to start with. Here the dancer tends to compose a performance that is not only very rhythmic but also ensures that there are enough elements and patterns from the domain of primary adavus. This is what lends excellent character to the entire dance performance and makes it exquisite.
  2. Anupallavi - The next facet we will discuss is Anupallavi which is another significant factor and consists of the combination of different swaras along with the full line of the notes. It is essential in this respect to keep in mind to the dancers that each of the steps has to be carved by keeping the need of the musical patterns in mind and constructing something which complies with the patterns. Anupallavi is indeed an essential facet that we have to consider.
  3. Charanam - Finally, another essential component for Jathiswaram in Bharatanatyam last year was none other than Charanam. Here the basic idea is to make sure that you incorporate the components of cross-rhythm as well as patterns of dance that are completely non-synchronized. Charanam is a fundamental domain that has to be followed under all circumstances.

What is the Importance of Jathiswaram in Bharatanatyam Dance?

Now we finally come to another very crucial segment, the importance of the concept of Jathiswaram when it comes to Bharatanatyam. Another factor we must keep in mind is that Jathiswaram is that domain that ensures that the dancers can present a purely Nritta performance. Hence, it can also be subjected to many improvisations, which are equally important.


If you want to learn more about Jathiswaram in detail or have an affinity for the field of Indian classical dance, then joining a professional class like Kafqa Academy would be a great choice. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will help you in this process and ensure that you have the best learning experience in the field. 

Get in touch with us today and let us help you in acquiring all the skills of Bharatanatyam dance.

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