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How to start a Bollywood singing career: A step-by-step Guide

2nd May, 2022

Bollywood is the Indian film industry, and Bollywood often uses a lot of singing and dancing. Many people aspire to become Bollywood singers and take Bollywood singing classes. With hard work and dedication, you can improve your chances of becoming a Bollywood singer.

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You can spend time developing good singing skills by associating yourself with a reputed Bollywood singing school. After this, you need to work on gaining recognition and auditioning to become a successful Bollywood singer.

Tips for Beginning a Bollywood Singing Career

Some of the tips that can help you to start a career as a Bollywood singer are as follows:

1. Developing the Right Skills

  1. Be Familiar with Bollywood Films and Culture
    You must learn about Bollywood before starting your path to becoming a singer. Though Bollywood began in India, it is now quite popular in Britain and other countries like the United States.
    Famous film companies such as Twentieth Century Fox have started to set up offices in India. You can familiarize yourself with different Bollywood songs and movies that star famous Bollywood actors and singers.
  2. Get Associated with Theatre and Drama Clubs in High school.
    Apart from knowing how to sing, you also need to know how to act. Many Bollywood films tell stories via songs; you can learn about it when you learn singing at home. You also need to know how to play a character when singing.
    If you get involved in drama in high school, it can help you get ready for a career in Bollywood singing. You can join a drama school or undergo drama and film classes your school offers.
  3. Take voice lessons
    Even if you are a naturally talented singer, singing as a Bollywood singer requires many technical skills. If you want to take up singing as a profession, you must develop expertise in that.
    You can look for a tutor in a singing class to give you voice lessons. They will be able to help you enhance your pitch, tone and delivery. You can browse through the yellow pages or look for a good singing class in your area.
    If you cannot take voice lessons due to your budget, there are free online singing tutorials that can help you. Though they might not be as good as online singing classes, you will still be able to improve your craft in singing
  4. You Must Perform Regularly
    Many famous singers start their careers as Bollywood singers singing in local areas. If you want to start a career in Bollywood, you need to at least have a local fan following.
    Their support will help you follow your dreams, but you will also have experience performing in front of an audience. You can start by signing up for local talent fairs, shows and other events where people perform.

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2. Following Your Goals

  1. Consider Higher Education for Yourself
    Higher education can be helpful for your career in Bollywood singing. Many Bollywood singers and actors have attended college and even gone to universities. Though it is not compulsory to attend college to become a Bollywood singer, you need to do what is best for you.
  2. Develop an Online Presence
    This is one of the best ways to build yourself up as a Bollywood singer. You can not only learn singing at home, but you can also upload content of yourselves and singing on social media. Many popular singers start with online content, and having a strong following online can set you apart during auditions.
    You might also be able to attract the attention of certain talent agents with your online content. You can also maintain a personal website or blog where you can upload videos of your singing and videos of you performing in night shows, talent shows and other places.
  3. Consider Where You Live.
    The auditions usually take place in person, and as Bollywood is mainly set in India, most of the time, the auditions are held at several locations in India. You might need to move to India to start a career as a Bollywood singer.
    Though Bollywood is prominent in other parts of the world, it is primarily centered in India. It can be hard for you to move to other countries to pursue your dreams, so you need to ensure that you are serious about the career path that you are choosing.
    If you are moving to India from other countries, you must ensure that you learn the languages used there. Though English is common in the country, about 30% of people speak Hindi. This indicates that Hindi is a language that you need to learn if you settle in India.

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