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Hip-Hop Stretching Tips from A Best Online Dance Learning Platform

19th Jul, 2022

When it comes to performing or practising hip-hop dance, one requires having an incredible amount of flexibility and strength. To ensure an injury-free dance routine, performing proper and consistent hip-hop warm-up exercises is crucial. Warm-up exercises not only stretch the muscle but help prevent unnecessary muscle pulling or strain during the dance classes.

Warm-up is especially important if you take online hip-hop dance classes. This is because you are preventing yourself from any motion prior to the dance classes. Zero body movement can stiffen the body, preventing it from performing the dance movements taught during the dance classes.

5 minute Warm up / Stretching Routine

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to help you easily warm up your joints and muscles so you can enjoy this gruelling passion of yours for years to come.

1- Make Hip-hop Warm-up Exercise a Habit

Almost every dance enthusiast knows the importance of performing hip-hop warm-up exercises before taking the class.

But, not many enthusiasts know that warming up after the dance class is equally important, too. In fact, many people run back to their normal routine once the hip-hop dance classes are over.

Make it a habit to stretch and warm up your body post the dance classes, too, similar to the one you did before the classes. Even if you perform the hip-hop warm-up exercises for five to ten minutes, regular habit is what matters.

2- Avoid Neglecting Certain Body Parts

Your entire body is going to be used during hip-hop dance classes. There is no point in stretching just certain body parts.

Stretching the feet, calves and hamstring while paying no heed to your shoulder, neck, and back makes zero sense.

To ensure you take care of everything, prefer stretching your body from the top to the bottom. Start from your neck and finish the hip-hop warm-up exercise once you are done stretching your feet. Hit every possible muscle in your body to ensure you aren’t living out anything. After all, an imbalance in muscle care can lead to unnecessary injuries.

3- Avoid Pushing Your Limits

When it comes to performing the stretch and warm-up routine, people are bound to feel a little discomfort, which is normal but only to a certain extent.

For instance, stretching the muscles during your first few hip-hop dance classes may seem painful, and that is understandable. Your body isn’t accustomed to the new routine; hence, it showcases the stress in the form of pain.

Ensure to take things slow. Your dance instructor should be able to let you know which exercises you should perform in the first few initial days. You can work your way up from there.

However, you must know that there are limits. In the process of working your way up, do not avoid what your body is telling you. If you feel pain while performing certain exercises, give your body a break and carry on with it the next day. Never push your limits!

4- Invest in Quality Foam Rollers

Foam roller coasters can prove an excellent investment. They help alleviate muscle inflammation, improve the range of muscle movements and even increase blood flow in the body.

And foam rollers have become quite popular. So, you should be able to buy one easily. Plus, they are cheap, too.

You can find dozens of online videos on how to use foam rollers efficiently.

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5- Be Positive During the Stretch and Warm-up Routine

We all know the fact that not every human being is the same. This means their body isn’t the same either.

Just because your sibling is extremely flexible doesn’t mean you will be, too. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot add flexibility to your body. Consistency in your warm-up exercise is key to boosting your body flexibility.

Also, avoid comparing your body to someone else’s. Remember, with persistence, patience and, of course, the warm-up exercise; you can open your muscles. Stop being hard on yourself!

6- Set Goals

While it is important to stretch every part of your body, it is imperative to focus on one that needs extra attention and care.

For instance, if you wish to do a full split, perhaps create a journal or a notebook to log your progress.

Set your goals, and focus your mind and energy on them. And again, consistency is the key. So, as long as you maintain regularity in the dance warm-up routine, you are bound to experience success.

Meet the Kafqa Experts to Proceed!

Now that you know how to effectively perform hip-hop warm exercises before the online hip-hop dance classes, we are sure you must be eager to get started, too.

In that case, Kafqa Academy is the place to explore. Our dance instructors will navigate you through the procedure, so you start practising hip-hop dance from the comfort of your home!

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