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Hip Hop Dance Grooves You Need To Know Before Stepping Into Dance Classes

26th Jun, 2022

Hip Hop is one form of dance that has become popular over the years, so you need to be well prepared before joining the classes. There are many options today when it comes to Hip Hop dance classes, and hence you need to know the basics when it comes to joining a class. We have tried to bring forth a basic idea of what are the most promising Hip Hop grooves and mastering this would give you an upper hand.

20-Minute Hip-Hop Dance

Be rest assured that each of the steps that we are going to talk about today is very simple. All you need to do is have the will to learn, and this will automatically be instrumental for you to start with the class. We cannot deny that if you want to learn Hip Hop, knowing a few basic grooves will be quite beneficial for you.

But before we delve deep and talk about these, you must have an idea as to where you can master these forms from. Join online Hip Hop dance classes offered by some of the best academies and ensure a great learning experience.

Most Promising Options When It Comes to The Basic Hip Hop Dance Grooves

When you first join a class, be it Hip Hop or any other form of dance, it is always good to have preliminary knowledge. Why do we suggest that? This is because it will aid you in the future and ensure you have the upper hand in understanding whatever is taught in the class. Today we will talk about the most preliminary Hip Hop dance grooves, which will be instrumental in your learning process.

  • The Two-Step - No matter which Hip Hop dance classes you join, the first thing that most of them would suppose that you know is the two steps. This is the preliminary and basic step that most dancers have to know, particularly when they want to go ahead in the domain of Hip Hop dance. The step is very simple and lives up to the name.
    All you would need to do is take a step on the left and then another on the right. It is a basic step, and you can choose to couple a hand gesture. You will see that no matter which performance you see, this basic groove will be incorporated into almost all dance routines. The step is very simple, and anyone can follow it easily.
  • The Monastary- We are sure that most of you would have seen this basic groove at least once but were probably not very sure whether it is one of the most promising Hip Hop dance grooves. The monastary step is very simple, and here you need to improvise on the basic two steps. You need to make sure that you bring your feet together and then tap to the front.
    Make sure that while doing this, your knee and foot are turned inward. This particular step has got its origin in a club named Monastary in St. Louis and hence the name as well. You can choose to pair it up with a hand gesture of your choice. However, the most common one is to move your hand and shoulders in a circular pattern.

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  • Booty Pop - It is certainly one of the most quirky options for Hip Hop dance grooves and is quite popular. Here you need to move to one side by getting your head and then thrust your booty onto the other. Similarly, you must move to the other side and do the same thing. All this while, you can choose to keep your hair open, and it will add to a kick to the move.
    When it comes to the booty pop, most people tend to keep their hands resting on the knees, and hence it adds on the support factor as well. You will see that the booty pop goes well with most choreographies.
  • The Bust Down - And finally, the discussion about Hip Hop dance grooves would remain incomplete if we do not discuss the bust-down step. Probably most of you have seen people performing this step at many parties or performances, but many do not know that it is a Hip Hop-based dance step originally.
    All you need to do is touch your belt lightly, keep the other hand in the air, and away down lightly with the thrust. The step is usually repeated on each side, and hence it looks quite cool as well.


No matter which mode of dance classes you join, be it the online Hip Hop dance classes or even the offline ones, having a basic idea about the Hop Hop dance moves is always an added advantage. Apart from the ones that we have mentioned, there are tons of other choices that you can go forth with. However, always try to stick to the basics before you go ahead and master the other more advanced steps.

Join Kafqa Academy today and learn Hip Hop dance from expert dance instructors. Get regular feedback to improve your moves and become an exceptional dancer eventually. Contact us today to learn more about the online Hip Hop dance lessons or if you need any assistance while enrolling for the classes.

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