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Hip Hop Dance Classes Vs Street Dance: 5 Differences and Similarities You Should Know Before You Take Up Online Dance Classes

22nd Mar, 2022

People often get confused between hip hop dance and street dance. To some people, both of these dance styles are the same, while for the rest, these styles carry different meanings. If you have a passion for dance, you can enroll in online hip hop dance classes and have fun while dancing your heart out. Check out the article and learn about the differences and similarities between Street dance and Hip Hop dance.

Hip Hop Street Dance

What Do You Mean by Street Dance?

Street dance is an umbrella term that includes certain styles such as:

  • Breaking
  • Hip hop
  • Locking
  • Popping
  • Vogue
  • Krump
  • Waacking

Street dances are also referred to as social dances, which means they are performed on an open platform with other teammates. These street dances have their origin, culture and history, intention, grooving style and foundations/techniques. Street dancers must focus on their functionalities and appropriate techniques to do justice to the form. It can be learnt from professional trainers.

Some of the dance classes, such as hip hop dance class, pay their attention to authentic and groovy moves while other styles, such as breaking dance classes, focus on techniques. These classes help the children to develop their creativity within the dance style. A person can grow into a versatile and flexible street dancer if they take ownership of their learning and respond well to the music beats.

Why Is it Called Street Dance?

The term street dance was coined because the forms of dance that fall under this category used to take place in social places such as clubs, parks and streets. It is social and improvisational. It encourages contact and interaction with other dancers and spectators.

Online Hip Hop Dance Classes: What Do You Mean by Hip Hop Dance?

Hip hop dance culture started in the late 1960s and 1970s in New York, America. It consists of DJing, MCing, Graffiti and Breaking. There is no online hip hop dance, hip hop music, or street dance without hip hop culture. As mentioned earlier in this article, hip hop dance is a form of street dance. The tracks changed from breakbeats to lyrics. With time, everything about hip hop dance took a sharp change, from the sound to the movement and the feelings. Hip hop dance created a community of several hip hop dancers who socialized and had fun through dance battles. Now, it has been decades, and hip hop has gained increasing popularity worldwide.

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Why is Hip Hop also known as Street Dance?

Hip hop is considered one form of street dance because it originated in the streets, not in any dance studio.

What Are the Similarities Between Street Dance and Hip Hop Dance?

Take a look at some of the similarities that are mentioned below:

  • As you know, street dance performances occur in the streets, which is pretty evident from the name. However, hip hop is another form of street dance conducted on the streets among large gatherings and spectators.
  • In both styles, you can wear comfortable clothes that will make you look funky and stylish at the same time. Dancers often wear loose clothes to feel comfortable since dancing on the streets is challenging.
  • Street dance and hip hop dance can boost your confidence. When you participate in a battle in front of several people, you will automatically feel energized and confident. It will develop your social skills and enable you to interact with other people. These performances will help you break out of your shell and try something new.
  • Both hip hop dance and street dance will contribute to developing your cognitive skills. These dance styles consist of fast-paced movements, and you need to do justice to the beats. Hence, you will have to remember all the steps sequentially so that you don't goof up between the performances. It will help you build strong memory skills, and you will get the opportunity to rule on the streets through your dance.
  • Both dance styles will keep you physically fit and healthy. If you stay involved in regular exercises, you will be able to take a step towards proper fitness.

What Are the Differences Between Hip Hop Dance and Street Dance?

After learning about the similarities, it's time for you to learn about the differences.

  • The main difference is that hip hop is a part of street dance. Street dance is a broader concept, and hip hop dance falls under the category.
  • You need to stick to hip hop steps while performing a hip hop dance. On the other hand, you can perform waacking or house steps under street dance.
  • Hip hop is a single dance style. They are choreographed in a particular way. On the other hand, street dance can be choreographed by implementing several techniques.
  • In the present scenario, you can perform hip hop dance in a studio or online, but street dance best suits the roads.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the similarities and differences between street and hip hop dance styles. If you are willing to learn hip hop from online hip hop dance classes, log on to https://kafqa.com/class-detail/hip-hop.

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