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Globalization of Bollywood Dance: Evolved to Become a Genre by Itself

1st Jun, 2022

Everyone is familiar with Bollywood dance, thanks to popular movies and shows that you see on your TV. Interestingly, not only in India but across the globe, Bollywood dancing is gaining mainstream. The sole reason is that it's exciting and fun. It's not uncommon to catch glimpses in western movies. There are dramatic facial expressions, cinematic elements, and a lot of cardio; it's no wonder this dance craze is catching up across the globe.

Bollywood dance is unique, and it comes with its very own movements, rhythm, style, music beats, and looks. You need to uncover the history of Bollywood dance steps to gain more insight into this widely accepted dance form.

The best part about Bollywood dancing is that it is gaining popularity with each passing day, not just as a dance but also as a form of fitness exercise. With the loud beats along with the delightful rhythm and style, the Bollywood dance form has traveled a long way to reach millions of people who not just love to watch this dance form but also try their best to perform it.

Energetic Movement

When you join Bollywood dance classes online, you are trained to synchronize the dance steps while maintaining the rhythm and beats of the song. This is one of the reasons why Bollywood dance looks mesmerizing and exciting to watch.

The high energy from the group of dancers brings the entire performance together and adds to the story element. You not only enjoy watching Bollywood dance but also would feel like doing a step or two as you feel the music and follow the dance steps.

Bollywood dance steps for beginners include hand movements, footsteps, neck movements along with facial expressions to express a feeling or emotions. These forms help create a fusion of dance and theater. Learning Bollywood dance is easy if you get support from an expert instructor. You may opt for Bollywood dance classes online and learn this dance form.

Physical Movement

Indian dance Bollywood style precisely focuses on different types of sign languages. Basically, these are "mudra." The sole aim behind this movement is to represent the storyline. Some storylines can be performed with one hand, while others can be done using both.

The use of head and body movement adds fluidity. You must have noticed these steps when watching Bollywood dancing. On the other hand, Bollywood dance classes online equally focus on foot movements. The foot movements are highly complicated and need time to master.

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Evolving Styles Through Decades

You must have had a basic idea of how the Bollywood dance style is different from others. Besides, this industry comes after Hollywood and produces some of the best movies. The dances intend to support the storyline. The recent addition is with "item numbers." These songs aim to trend in the market, helping promote the film.

Initially, Bollywood dance forms were mostly based on the Indian classical dance style. However, folk dances and other music forms have been able to mark their presence in the industry. Most commonly, Bhangra and Garba were also added in some Bollywood movies to attract the audience.

These dance styles have merged with Indian dance Bollywood, and this is now considered a new genre of its own in the wide amalgamation of the overall Bollywood dance forms.

Globalization Of Bollywood Dance

The popularity of this dance style doesn't stop within India's border. Global streaming platforms, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others, are now spreading their prominence. Dancers from all backgrounds are choosing to learn its incorporation.

With easy access to Bollywood dance classes online, more fitness lovers are also streaming to it. There's a massive demand for Bollywood dance, especially when it comes to weddings and special events. Professional dancers can bring a touch of whimsy and high-energy excitement to the environment.

Who Can Learn Bollywood Dance?

Bollywood dance is a freestyle art. Interestingly, anyone who's interested can master this skill. Moreover, you can join Bollywood dance classes online and immediately start the course. Here, expert dancers will guide you to perform motions that can appear simple with as much grace and style as possible.

Remember, the learning precisely focuses on Indian classical dance heritage. Here the forms and movements are practiced with an emphasis on effortlessness. But, if you're new here, there's nothing to worry about; learners with even a rudimentary understanding of dance form will quickly catch up. The secret behind the dance form lies in proper coordination between hip sway and accompanying arm gestures.


Are you ready to embrace the Bollywood dance style? You get to wear exciting dance performance costumes, get moving and express yourself at once. Embrace the art by learning Bollywood dance steps for beginners. Enroll yourself or your child via this website. You can book a free trial and feel the inclusive environment of learning Bollywood dance and accordingly enroll in the dance classes.

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