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Exercises for Being Lighter on Your Feet for Bollywood Dance

6th Jul, 2022

There are many different types of dance in India, which are typically categorized as either classical or folk. Different types of dance emerged in various regions of India, developed in accordance with regional traditions, and also absorbed elements from other regions of the nation, just like other aspects of Indian culture.

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Bollywood dance is the form that is shown in Bollywood films. It's the fusion of different dance styles, including Bhangra dance, Hip Hop, Arabic, and Jazz dance.

There are various exercises that can help you to learn Bollywood dance online by being lighter on your feet for Bollywood dance, and a few are as follows:

1. Barre

  • Benefit - A fitness regimen called barre is inspired by ballet. Your endurance will be improved by the high repetitions and pulsing involved. Ballet, Pilates, and yoga are frequently transformed into barre exercises. The objective is to increase general strength while toning the muscles.
  • Procedure - The exercise is performed at a ballet barre and primarily utilizes your body weight which helps to increase your strength of feet.

2. Pile

  • Benefit - A fundamental ballet motion is the plié. Your glutes and quads, among other upper leg muscles, are worked.
  • Procedure - Remain upright. Your feet should be together. Your tailbone should be pointed toward the floor as you draw your shoulders back. Put your heels together and turn your feet outward. Activate your thighs and glutes. Without elevating your heels, bend your knees. Activate your center. Go back to your starting point.

3. Arabesque Leg Lift

  • Benefit - The balletic arabesque is the model for this practice. Arabesque utilizes the glutes and thigh muscles similarly to the plié.
  • Procedure - Place yourself in front of a bar or a stable chair. Face your feet forward and place your hands on the edge. Step back with your right leg, pointing your toes in the rear. Kneel to the left, with your back straight, and lean forward from your hips. Activate your center. To get it level with your hips, raise your right leg. Tap the floor with your lowered leg. Repeat. Repeat by switching legs.

4. Pilates

  • Benefit- Low-impact Pilates exercises for flexibility, stability, and endurance are used. It emphasizes postural alignment, Leg muscle strength, and the core.
  • Procedure- As you compress and elevate your hips into the air, press your weight evenly into your feet, shoulders, and arms until your body forms a straight line between your shoulders and knees. Hold the posture while inhaling and exhaling three times. Return to the floor by lowering yourself. Rep five times more.

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5. Pile Slides

  • Benefit - Your leg muscles, notably your quadriceps and glutes, are put to the test with plié slides. They add an additional leg movement while maintaining the basic ballet stance.
  • Procedure - Your feet should be somewhat broader than shoulder-width apart as you stand. Feet under knees, toes pointed outward. Put a cloth or sliding disc under one foot. Foot lateral movement When your thighs are parallel to the floor, bend your knees. Pause. Activate the beginning position with your foot. Repeat. Repeat by switching legs.

6. Pilates Roll-up

  • Benefit - The Pilates roll-up is a typical Pilates exercise that strengthens your leg strength.
  • Procedure - On a mat, start on your back. Legs should be straight, shoulders should be relaxed, and core should be active. Pointing to the wall behind you, raise your arms. Swing your arms up high. Lift your upper back while lowering your chin. Curl up the rest of your body while contracting your abs.
    Keep going until you can sit up. Arms outstretched like a ballerina. Return to the beginning posture by pulling in your abs and lowering your body. Repeat.

7. Bounce

  • Benefit - With this exercise, you strengthen your biceps and hamstrings while raising your heart rate. Weights are optional; you can do it either way.
  • Procedure - Place your feet about hip-width apart. Tap the floor while moving to the side and extending the opposing foot. Continue switching sides. Step to the side and bring both arms to your chest to add the biceps curl. Lift the extended foot toward your butt to add the hamstring curl. Continually switch sides.

8. Slide

  • Benefit - Slides put a strain on your arms and legs while speeding up your heart rate.
  • Procedure - Put your feet in a hip-width position. Knees slightly bent in that direction, take a step to the side. Join your feet together. Replicate going the other way. Continue your side-to-side stepping. Lift your arms to shoulder level each time you take a step to add the arms. Repeat.

For Being Lighter on Your Feet for Bollywood Dance, You Can Use the Following Effective Tips as Well.

  1. Kneel down a little bit. Your feet will feel lighter, and your movements will be more fluid and beautiful when your knees are bent. You become more agile, and dancing comes naturally to you.
  2. Off the ground, raise your heels. You can jump from one location to another more easily if you lift your heels off the ground. Your movements could get heavy if you keep your feet flat on the floor.
  3. To be light on your feet, aim to only use a portion of your foot when performing any step. To smoothly move into the following stage, use your toes and heels as needed.
  4. When turning, raise your foot. One of the most challenging aspects of any dance, it is believed, is turning while keeping your balance. So, to spin gracefully without losing your balance or appearing clumsy, lift your foot while turning. To avoid feeling lightheaded following the turn, attempt to concentrate at one moment during turning.


So, these were a few exercises and tips which can help you to be better in Bollywood Dance. With these tips, you can be lighter on your feet which will help you in Bollywood dancing a lot.

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