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Everything about Stage Fear in Kids: How Public Speaking Classes Can Help

16th Mar, 2022

There are times when we can see stress, nervousness and fear in some children when they arrive in front of an audience. This fear of the audience is known as stage fright, and some students go through anxiety and performance problems during this period.

Children usually come across stage fear in the early phases of their life. The fear could be due to dissatisfaction resulting from their performance or embarrassment that one feels after a performance did not go well. Public speaking classes are very important to overcome this type of fear.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking | Sadhguru

What are the Causes of Stage Fright?

Stage fright in children is caused due to various reasons that might be directly or indirectly related to stage performance. Three important causes that can develop fear or anxiety of presenting something on the stage or in front of the audience are:

1. Higher Expectations

Every performer wishes to hear a great round of applause that follows after the completion of their performance. But this might not be the case all the time, so instead of leaning too much towards the rewards, children need to focus on enjoying their performance.

2. What Should they Think?

One of the most common causes of stage fright is to think and worry too much about the audience. It is not wrong to judge the audience's behaviour to improve in the future, but you should not think about it while performing on the stage. It will only increase your level of stress and anxiety.

3. Low Self-confidence

In some rare cases, it is seen that students lack self-confidence in their personalities. That is because they are either unaware or uncertain about their capabilities and the results they could achieve.

Therefore, children may need to work on their self-confidence by following the techniques mentioned below to deal with stage fear and develop qualities that can help them.

How Can You Overcome Stage Fright in Kids?

To get over stage fear, you need a lot of time, patience and hard work. As a student, you need to practice many unusual activities and take online speaking classes to improve your self-confidence. Activities such as speaking out loud and singing in front of a mirror are often advised by teachers in school.

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There are several advanced solutions that can be used in practice to solve anxiety problems when you are performing in front of an audience. This part of the blog will represent five techniques to help you permanently overcome stage fear. They are:

1. Pause, Notice and Breathe

This is one of the most suggested practices to help overcome the stress in front of an audience. You can take a small pause while performing and notice the reaction of the audience. Even if there is negative feedback, you need to take a small breath and carry on with your performance.

2. Use the Five Human Senses

It is often considered a basic practice to deal with acute depression and anxiety. In cases of stage fear, parents can use the five senses to calm down their kids. E.g., calming a kid by making them smell vanilla, sandal or lavender.

3. Relaxation Poses of Yoga

Yoga is a practice that can deal with many physiological and physiological problems. The poses of yoga are specially created to calm down and relax after a period or session. The poses that can help you gain self-confidence are Adhomukha, Balasana, Simhasana and Savasana.

4. Practising in Front of a Dummy Audience

Other than takingonline speaking classes, this is another crucial technique to overcome the fear of facing the audience from a stage. You can simply narrate a script in front of a dummy audience like close friends, family, stuffed toys to boost your self-confidence.

5. Seeking Professional Help

You can quickly go to a child counsellor or a psychologist if the upper mentioned practices and exercises are unable to help you. You must remember that visiting a psychologist is quite normal for human beings for even small reasons like anxiety or depression.

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If you want to get rid of stage fright, you can consult your friends and family for a solution. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps mentioned above. If all the methods fail, you can contact Kafqa academy and enroll in public speaking classes; the instructors can help you eliminate stage fear.

You need to attend these types of courses so that you can improve your confidence and have no fear of performing in front of a large crowd. Each course available there can take years to complete. Learn more about there courses from here:https://kafqa.com/

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