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Did you Know these Advantages of Attending Online Hindustani Classical Music Class?

5th Apr, 2022

To learn Hindustani music, you need to have patience and undergo a lot of training. If you are an individual who is strict regarding timings and wants perfection, then you should not face much trouble. If you are not a disciplined person, you might struggle in this case.

But you can be assured that it will become easier because you will get used to it with time. There are many benefits of online classical music classes, and if you want to continue singing, you need to be in tune with the musician and maintain a pitch.

Advantages of Learning Hindustani Classical Music

Some advantages that you can gain by learning Hindustani classical music are as follows:

  • Widens Communication Skills - When you learn to sing or play an instrument, it will improve your listening skills. You will listen to the beats more carefully and take more time to know where to make an impact. You will know when to raise your pitch and when to drop it.
    This practice can help you communicate better, and when you sing, it can help to express your feelings better. If you cannot speak about something, you can convey it through music.
  • Learning Hindustani Music can Improve your Memory - As per studies, classical music improves memory retrieval by recreating previously closed pathways. In a study, Raja Bhupali has improved the memory of his students who listened to Hindustani music for ten minutes every day. With enhanced listening skills, we can remember everything that we listened to. This is an important advantage that can really help shape up the students’ lives for the better.
  • It Helps to Portray your Emotions - Music is known as the universal language of emotions. There are eight basic emotions that are attached to Hindustani classical music they are rati (love), hasa (laughter), soka (mourning), Krodha (anger), utsaha (enthusiasm), bhayam (fear), vismaya (wonder) and jugupsa (disgust). With these facets of Hindustani classical music, you can bring out soulful music that tugs at the hearts of the listeners and audience.
  • Learning Music Helps to Reduce Stress - As per a study, the effect of music helps to reduce the state of anxiety. The results mean that the background of Indian classical music is very effective in reducing stress and anxiety and helps to regulate heartbeats.
    Singing also helps control your breath, and Hindustani music releases serotonin and dopamine to help balance cortisol levels.
  • It Helps to Build Perseverance - Learning Hindustani music can teach you the art of being persistent and not giving up on any kind of pressure, no matter how tough it is. In the end, all turns out to be well. A student's patience is tested when they enroll in Hindustani music classes as it takes time to learn the art properly.
    You will take time in controlling the larynx to produce the perfect pitch and pick up the beats of the tabla. You need patience, practise, and perseverance to learn Hindustani music.
  • When You Learn Hindustani Classical Music, it acts as a Purifier - Music can help to release the feelings inside you, and when you sing Hindustani music, it depicts emotions that can improve your mood and release all negative emotions.
    With the help of Hindustani music, your body can release all the negative emotions inside of you in a healthy manner. When emotion is released, it can make you feel lighter, and you will feel more comfortable and be at ease.
  • Helps to Manage Trauma - You might be unaware that Hindustani classical music is used as a therapy for traumatised children, and this is true, especially for children who have PTSD. Singing can help such children relax and control their breath to help with the high levels of anxiety they have.
    Music is also used to heal and energise various chakras in the body. Every chakra helps to symbolise different functions of the body and soul. When these chakras are healed, you can cope with trauma and unhealed wounds from your past. You will also feel very relaxed.
  • Hindustani Music Helps you to be Spiritual - If you are a musician, music is your dharma, and the principle of dharma means virtues worthy of being accepted. This helps to celebrate the natural flow of life without any obstruction.
    Many religions indicate that singing is a means to make connections with the supreme power. It helps create this path of communication that helps us transcend and take the last journey to be back with the supreme one.

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Now that you know the advantages of singing Hindustani classical music, you can opt to take Hindustani music classes. You can contact Kafqa academy, and we will provide you with online classical music classes that can help you improve your skill as a trained Hindustani music artist.

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