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Dance Tips: 9 Simple Body Awareness And Body Scan Techniques To Dance Better

12th Jul, 2022

When it comes to dance tips, it is imperative to make sure that you follow some of the most basic forms so that you have a better understanding of the techniques. Body awareness and body scan techniques are indeed vital, and today, we will share with you nine essential tips which are easy to follow and lucid as well.

Bodily awareness is one of the factors which many of us tend to avoid, so keeping an account of the same is also necessary. Even if you join online dance classes, this will be the first domain that will be discussed, as it is indeed imperative to focus on it and then master the rest.

What Does One Mean By Body Awareness Techniques?

Before we move forward and discuss how to dance good, let us talk about body awareness skills. It is vital that we first help you to understand what one means by body awareness. As the name would suggest, this means to be very aware of the various parts of your body and use them in a more lucrative pattern.

It simply means to be better aware as well as feel how your body moves or responds. It focuses on the body shape, the parts of your body as well as the locomotive movements as well. It also tends to lend attention to the body base as well which is focused more in the Hip Hop dance classes.

9 Tips For Simple Body Awareness

It is important to enhance your body awareness before you take Bollywood dance classes for adults, and for that, you have to focus on a few tips only. We have tried to help you with nine such simple tips, which are extremely easy to follow.

1. Balance Exercises

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have to excel in body balance. This will automatically make sure that you have a better awareness of your body and can make use of the same as a dancer as well. Balance exercises are very crucial, and as dancers, you have a lot of impetus to develop as well.

2. Yoga

Many people often think that as dancers, you need to have a different body awareness approach, so you avoid yoga. But even for dancers, yoga is a great exercise to develop your body awareness.

Not only does it enhance your body awareness, but it also makes sure that you are more flexible as well. Yoga is the best thing that you can do, even as a dancer, to increase your body awareness more.

3. Backward Walking

Yes, you read it right. The more you practice backward walking, automatically you will be able to focus on the domain of the various parts of your body. You will be conscious about where to place your next step, and hence that will make you a lot more aware as well. Backward walking is essential and has to be followed if you want to develop body awareness and that too rapidly.

4. Meditation

There is nothing more calming than a good meditation session, and yet the benefits it has on you are catastrophic. If you attend a good meditation session, you will see that they not only allow and teach you to focus on your soul but also do the same for your body as well. Meditation is the best resort for dancers as it calms them down and, at the same time, helps to build on the aspect of body awareness.

5. Feldenkrais Method

This is a very popular mode of therapy that ensures that there have been connections established between the brain and the body. The Feldenkrais Method is very popular among dancers as it is known to have long-lasting and sure-shot results on the body.

If you want to learn how to dance well by being aware of your various body parts, this is the perfect therapy to increase your body awareness.

6. Practice your Genre of Dance More

The other thing as dancers that people often avoid is that they do not focus enough on dancing to increase body awareness. It is imperative to dance more to raise body awareness, and hence you need to practice more so that you develop the same. Awareness can increase by focusing on any genre of dance.

7. Focus on Postures:

Always ensure that you are aware of the postures to help you increase your body awareness. The more you focus on one particular pose, automatically it makes sure that you can increase the attention level in that specific area and increase the body awareness of that part of your body.

8. Focus on Angles

The next thing which has proven to be essential for increasing body awareness is to make sure you focus on the angles. Although it is a bit of a complicated process, with time, you will be able to realize how much focusing on body angles can help you to develop body awareness.

9. Read More About Body Awareness

Lastly, we will share with you an age-old trick that never goes out of style, focusing on the theory of body awareness. Always make sure that you read a lot of literature about awareness so that you can develop the same without any problems.


If you want to learn more about body awareness, the best thing to do is join professional classes that will give you hands-on training. Body awareness activities are pretty popular in these classes, and the best that you can come across is Kafqa Academy!

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