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Can I learn Bharatanatyam on YouTube, or Must I Need a Guru

1st Jun, 2022

If you are incredibly passionate about dancing, you can opt to learn Bharatanatyam classical dance; its overwhelming beauty will allow you to showcase your wonderful elegance in a graceful manner. In this busy world, your tiresome and hectic schedule accompanied by the regular hustle and bustle might stand as a potential barrier between you and your career! But, as you already know, if there is a will, there is a way!

Manike - Bharatanatyam dance choreography tutorial

Dancing is an excellent form of art, and mastering this particular skill can help you steal the spotlight efficiently and effortlessly. You can now portray your talent and win millions of hearts by honing your skills by choosing Bharatanatyam, among other classical styles.

Besides being an excellent stress-buster, dancing allows you to stay physically fit and healthy. Now, you might wonder whether you can learn this specific form from YouTube or if you need to get in touch with a professional Bharatanatyam guru or not. This post is all about clearing your doubts and helping you evaluate the correct conclusion. Stay tuned till the very end, and you will get the opportunity of making the perfect decision in no time.

Learn Bharatanatyam Dance: What Are the Benefits?

Before answering the main question, it is essential to let you know about the plethora of benefits offered by Bharatanatyam classical dance. There has to be a solid reason behind choosing this particular style. Check out some of the pointers mentioned below:

  • If you choose to learn Bharatanatyam at home, it will undoubtedly improve your flexibility to a whole new level.
  • Engaging yourself in this Indian classical dance style will allow you to boost your overall stamina
  • Dancing is a great way to keep your heart in its healthiest form. Since Bharatanatyam demands a lot of energy, it automatically increases the body’s blood circulation.
  • The wide range of movements, postures, and poses will enable you to improve your balance and work on it.
  • Remembering the hastas and mudras in Bharatanatyam will help you improve your concentration and focus to a great extent.
  • Last but not least, this specific form of dance style will give you the brilliant scope of staying in proper shape.

Top-notch patience, hard work, and dedication will allow you to seamlessly reach miles and cross several hearts. Now, let’s get to the central part!

Can You Learn Bharatanatyam from YouTube, or Getting in Touch with a Guru Is Must?

If your tiresome days restrict you from choosing your passion, you can always select YouTube as a reliable learning platform. By searching for the right kinds of videos, you will be able to learn a great deal in no time. YouTube does contain authentic information delivered by experienced teachers; you can learn the entire dance form at your own pace and comfort zone. But, there is a but!

While YouTube can be a great source to learn dance, learning Bharatanatyam online will benefit you. By getting in touch with a professional guru with years of expertise in this field, you will get the scope of mastering this art form better. Honestly, in this learning process, two-way communication is a must! Since you are a newbie in Bharatanatyam, it is pretty evident that you will be dealing with a lot of doubts and reasonable questions. Do you think those pre-recorded videos on YouTube are potent enough to clear all your doubts? The answer is a big NO!

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Possessing adequate theoretical knowledge before tapping into the practical field is quite mandatory. If you choose to learn Bharatanatyam from a guru, they will tell you about the background history accompanied by multiple other minute details.

Below are some of the crucial advantages of learning dance from a Bharatanatyam guru. Aspiring dancers, keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of Learning Bharatanatyam from a Guru?

Check the pointers stated below right away:

Learn Bharatanatyam Online: Your Dance Guru Will Know Your Pace

Mastering any of the classical dance styles takes time, and the pace of every student differs from each other. Your dance guru will be able to perform that perfect differentiation, thus allowing you to grow at your own pace.

They Will be Able to Solve Your Doubts

By enrolling yourself in online Bharatanatyam classes, you will get the opportunity of getting your doubts cleared seamlessly. Be it the movements of your hands, feet, or gestures; your dance guru will guide you by offering the right kind of information in every step.

They Will Help You to Correct Errors

In the initial stage, locating and identifying potential errors is not possible for you. This is where a dance guru can help you out.

They Will Act as an Inspiration for You

Yes, they will inspire you, and that’s a promise. Looking at their journey and learning how far they have come will help you set significant goals in life and be as successful as they are.

Probably now you know what will work better for you! By choosing the online classes, you will be able to learn Bharatanatyam at home.

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