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Buying Dance Shoes: Choosing Shoes for Hip Hop Dance Classes

28th Jul, 2022

Hip Hop is a dance style that did not originate in a studio but in the streets of New York in the 1970s and 1980s. Most Hip Hop attire for the dancers only needed an authentic style in the early days, and there were no dedicated shoes back then.

But today, there are specific dance shoes for Hip Hop, and the best shoes can provide flexibility, support, traction and style. You also need to ensure that these shoes fit you well so that you are comfortable in your movements. In this guide, you will learn how to choose the best shoes for practicing Hip Hop dance.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Dance Shoes

Why Should You Purchase Dedicated Dance Shoes for Hip Hop?

You may wonder why you cannot just wear sneakers to a Hip Hop class that was earlier authentic to the origins of Hip Hop. You can also wear street shoes in a Hip Hop class, but this will mean that you will bring all the dirt from everywhere into the studio.

This is something that most of the dancers and studio owners will not appreciate. As basketball players wear their game shoes to a stadium, you also need to wear dedicated shoes to learn Hip Hop dance in a studio or dance class. There are many different Hip Hop shoes to choose from.

What Are the Benefits of a Full Sole Dance Sneaker?

When you wear full-sole dance sneakers, your shoe will look similar to a street shoe. Certain dance shoe brands changed how a Hip Hop sneaker looks by creating stylish and functional shoes for dancing.

A full sole dance sneaker has a cushioned footbed or memory foam and a smooth spin spot on the outsole. The shoe also has a light, flexible construction that allows for better foot movement.

What Do You Need to Consider when Buying Hip Hop Dance Shoes?

The top things that you must consider when buying Hip Hop dance shoes are as follows:


Before you learn Hip Hop dance, you must know that Hip Hop is a type of dance that combines high-energy movements and needs a solid base to work from. The structure and form begin from the foundation, which benefits dancers to wear shoes that can protect and support their ankles.

If you have a flat foot or plantar fasciitis, you will need a shoe that will accommodate a supportive insole that is specific to your needs. Sneakers that have cushion are essential for taking care of your joints during energetic dance performances.


Dancing can be exhausting, and a lightweight shoe can help to put less stress on the feet and prevent muscle fatigue from lifting more weight with every step. The flexibility of a shoe can help a dancer to move smoothly throughout the choreography.

Hip Hop sneakers need to be made of breathable fabric such as canvas or mesh so as to keep the feet dry during a dance routine. By boosting airflow, blisters, fungus, and smelly feet can easily be avoided.

Though there needs to be some traction to avoid slipping in Hip Hop Dance Classes, a lot of friction on the outsoles may restrict the impeded choreography and motion range. You need to be careful while selecting a Hip Hop dance shoe.


Hip Hop originated in the early 1970s to express art and culture. Dance sneakers that are used in performances today must be a reflection of the essence behind the dance movements. Similar to the other elements of performance wear, footwear needs to look attractive so that it can attract the audience.

As Hip Hop dancing can be an exhausting thing, you need to buy a dance shoe that is light for online Hip Hop dance classes. Experts recommend choosing a lightweight dance shoe that will stress less on your feet. Most of the specifications in sneakers have their weight listed; you need to ensure that you opt for the lighter ones.

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What is the Cost Of Hip Hop Dance Shoes?

The sneakers that dance brands manufacture can range from Rs.4,000 to Rs.10,000. You may also acquire Hip Hop dance shoes for around Rs.2,000 and under if you purchase a sequined stage shoe for practicing Hip Hop dance.

Can You Wear a Regular Sneaker for Hip Hop?

You can also wear regular sneakers in your Hip Hop dance classes, but generally, street shoes lack the flexibility and support similar to dance sneakers. If you wish to wear a street shoe for practicing Hip Hop, you need to ensure that you buy a lightweight design that has flexibility and a cushioned insole.

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