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Bollywood Songs Learnt in Playback Singing Classes that You Can Perform in Competitions

2nd May, 2022

Bollywood is one of the most famous film industries globally, and Bollywood songs are themselves composed of two art styles of India known as 'Carnatic' and 'Hindustani' music. The former style is famous in the southern portions of India, while the latter is used a lot in the north and northwest part of India.

Learn why Dynamics are Important in Playback Singing

Many people enroll in playback singing classes to learn different forms of Bollywood songs. Many students also participate in such singing classes to learn famous Bollywood songs to perform in competitions.

Best Bollywood Songs that Can be Performed in Competitions

Some of the best Bollywood songs that can be performed in competitions are as follows:

Pre-90s songs

  • Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin
    This is one of Rafi's few quick numbers, the song has a racy guitar backup throughout, but this is a song filled with pain. It is sung in Majrooh's lyrics that are expressed well by Ravi.
  • Katra Katra - Ijaazat
    While you can admire Asha Bhosle's mellifluous rendition of Pancham's zingy melody, you cannot overlook this number's lyrical richness. The pennings of Gulzar on how life flows along like drops of water are beyond the linguistic abilities of most people.
  • Yeh Vaada Raha - Yeh Vaada Raha
    This is another song that encourages people to learn Bollywood singing. In this particular song, the combo of Asha, RD and Kishore says it all. There is a haunting whistling, in the beginning, followed by Asha's vocals to set up this beautiful number.
  • Jaane Jaan - Jawaani Deewani
    This is a typical RD composition that is filled with crazy, zany beats, and this number can be the ideal duet. Kishore and Asha had combined their voices perfectly, and the humming of Asha with Kishore's singing are the highlights of this song.
  • Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya
    Rafi Saab was an expert in singing tragic songs, and he brought out the pain, shock and despair in the words of Shailendra. The picturization is another important part of this number.
  • Tujhse Naraaz (male) - Masoom
    This is another sad song that brings out shock, despair and agony. It is a shame that songs like this are not sung anymore, and also Gulzar's pen keeps arranging stray words to form poetry.
  • Aane waala Pal - Golmaal
    This is one of the pennings of Gulzar that is simpler to understand, and people are impressed a lot by RD, Kishore and Gulzar. This is one of the best poignant numbers ever.
  • Dil Kya Kare - Julie
    Julie was a rare album that contained several classic songs. Kishore Kumar brings a gentle touch to this beautiful romantic song.

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Post-90s songs

  • Pehla Nasha - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander
    This is a favorite song of many people; whether it is English or Hindi, it is not easy to describe how beautiful this song is. The beautiful lyrics given by Majrooh Sultanpuri describe the elation and innocence of the first crush, and the video can be considered the icing on the cake.
    This slow-motion concept with Aamir Khan snatching a piece of the sky in joy was a brilliant addition. Udit Narayan also stays in top form in this song, while the underrated Sadhana Sargam is quite divine.
    The piano piece at the beginning gives many people a strange feeling whenever people hear this good song. This can be called the cupid of all ballads and is one of the best numbers you can sing in a competition.
  • Tu Mile, Dil Khile - Criminal
    This kind of song is taught when you learn Bollywood singing, and it is impossible to describe how beautiful this song is. It is sappy to the core, and it can only be challenged by 'Pehla Nasha'.
    Other than the great composition and beautiful way of using instruments, the thing that stands out is the vocals. Both Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu display great control while singing on a very unusual high pitch.
    The unique vocals help to create a haunting effect, and the best part of this number is after the English dialogues when Alka Yagnik starts to sing. The lyrics of Indeevar are very beautiful, as every line of this song continues to impress music lovers.
  • Suno Na - Jhankaar Beats
    The duo known as Vishal-Shekhar created a unique blend of music when they composed the music for this film. 'Suno Na' is sung brilliantly by Shaan, and being high on melody, this can be a treat.
  • O Humdum - Saathiya
    This is one of the most soulful songs from Saathiya, and this is an enjoyable song that can make people shake their legs at any time of the day. The beats might be inspired by Kunal and Shaan's vocals, which might be the best feature of this number.

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