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Bollywood Dancing-The Western Dance Form Popular In India

30th May, 2022

The word Bollywood was coined by merging the terms Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood, headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), is India's – and the world's – largest film industry in terms of the number of films produced and tickets sold each year. In fact, Bollywood has become so popular throughout the world that it now has its own place even in the Oxford English Dictionary!

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Bollywood Dancing: A Dance Form Popular In India

Bollywood dancing is a dance style popular in Indian cinema. It is a mash-up of several styles. Belly dance, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular and "contemporary," jazz, and even Western sensual dancing are examples of these forms. This website will examine Bollywood dance and situate it within the commercial and creative framework of South Asian movies.

Bollywood Dancing: The Western Dance Form Of India

It is not uncommon to see Western dance and pure classical dance sequences in a Bollywood film. The international attraction of Bollywood dance has been developing for many decades. Originally, it was a dance form popular in India only with high consumption of Indian films. However, it is gaining popularity in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Bollywood cinema and dance have swept the globe by storm and have now emerged into the worldwide limelight, thanks to the popularity of films such as the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire."

Much of this is due to the ever-expanding Indian diaspora, but a sizable percentage is also due to non-Indians drawn to its exotic, larger-than-life traits. Stars such as Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears have integrated Bollywood dance or music into their songs, videos, and stage presentations, whether through expensive sets, production value, or extravagant costumes.

Bollywood Dancing: A True Fusion of Indo-Western Dance Style

Extensive dance routines and creative tunes are the highlights of Bollywood films. Over the years, Bollywood films have created their unique song and dance style, fusing the rich texture of India's various classical and folk dances with aspects of Jazz, Hip Hop, Arabic, and Latin Forms.

Bollywood Dancing: In Indian Films, Song and Dance

It is critical to comprehend the relationship between theater, music, and dance in South Asia. Unlike in the West, where the "musical" is only one among several genres, South Asians have difficulty imagining any theatrical or cinematic endeavor that does not include song and dancing. Films produced in the Western style (without music or dancing) are classified as "art films" and often have little financial success. Modern TV dramas appear to be the only theatrical form where song and dance are not anticipated.

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Bollywood Dancing: Elements of Traditional Dance

Prior to 1960, films drew significantly on classical and folk dancing. Because neither "classical dance" nor "folk dance" are homogeneous entities, one would expect to see significant differences. Not unexpectedly, early films from south India tended to be heavily influenced by Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi, whilst Hindi/ Urdu films tended to be heavily influenced by Kathak or the "Mujara" dances associated with tawaifs. Although these influences persist today, they appear to have been combined with many more dance genres, making them unrecognizable as to their roots at times.

Bollywood Dancing: Choreographers

Choreography is not a very well-known field. It is a difficult work that is mostly hidden from the public view. But it is important to remember that actors and actresses do not just go up to the camera and start dancing. The number must be generated by someone.

Bollywood Dancing: Costume

The Bollywood dance includes a significant amount of clothing and attire. It will influence the "feel" that the performance will have in the film to a large extent. Many things may be accomplished with the correct outfit. If the film is set in a specific time period, the right clothing might help to convey that feeling. If one wants to create a dreamlike or surrealistic dancing setting, one must use outfits that have nothing in common with everyday apparel.

If you want to give an item number an erotic twist, you can. Well, you can figure that out for yourself. Costumes can also be utilized to reflect current trends, enhancing the relevance of a dance piece.


Bollywood dancing appears to be gaining popularity all over the world. Much of this is due to the ever-growing Indian diaspora, but a sizable percentage comes from non-Indians who are drawn to the exotic, larger-than-life aspects inherent in it for whatever reason. Bollywood dance is still impacted by Western society now, possibly much more so than when it first started. During dances, elements include frequent costume and location changes, as well as the utilization of bigger dancing troupes.

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