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Bollywood Dance Forms : Recognized as Major Elements of Indian Culture

1st Jun, 2022

Anyone who knows even a bit about Indian culture would testify when we say that Bollywood dance forms and film are one of our most coveted treasures. Buddhist domains form a considerable part of Indian culture, and it is something that most people across the globe easily reciprocate. When we talk about Indian dance, Bollywood is one aspect that crosses most of our minds, and the Bollywood dance forms are the most prized possession for most of us.

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But have you ever wondered whether this influence is just in our heads or does Bollywood have such an impact on Indian culture? After all, Bollywood as a fraternity is not very old, and the advent became much more visible with the first Hindi film, Raja Harishchandra, released.

The industry has evolved a lot, and so have the Bollywood dance styles. Each era has something unique to offer, which adds on a particular bit. Indian culture is incomplete without Bollywood, and the importance of dance in India, mainly Bollywood, is quite understandable.

What Does One Mean By Bollywood?

Before we answer the question - “what is Bollywood dance?’ or even why the form is so popular among the masses, the first thing that is very important to talk about is Bollywood and, when we mention this term, exactly which are the pillars that encompass our understanding. In the most simple terms, the Hindi film industry is referred to as Bollywood, and it was from Mumbai that this fraternity evolved to where it is standing today. Bollywood dancing is a massive part of the films, and with time, it has conveniently developed into an enormous part of Indian culture.

So what are the striking features of Bollywood? One of the significant factors that add to the glitz and popularity of Bollywood is that it is highly glamorous and very appealing to the eyes. The forms of cinema you witness here are different, and along with the storyline, enough importance is given to the environment and the costume.

It is like a full-on meal where you get equal doses of the storyline, great music, great locations, fabulous costumes, and the entertainment in the dance. The best thing about this dance form is that they constitute a considerable part of most Indian occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Holi, or even birthdays!

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Why Do We Say that Bollywood Is Globally Accepted as A Part Of Indian Culture?

Many people might ask why we say that Bollywood is globally accepted as a part of Indian culture. One of the primary reasons why this happens is because even if you go elsewhere in India, you will notice that most people tend to recognize legendary Bollywood figures who have had a significant impact on their cinemas as well. The list has names like Raj Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Irfan Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The familiarity of these names and faces on both fronts has made Bollywood a considerable part of Indian culture globally.

The second reason includes that most Bollywood films tend to depict Indian culture in a very holistic way, and this ensures that people who are not from India have an understanding of what the culture is all about. Be it the food, the festivals, and the relationship shared between families or friends, or even the colorful clothing or the location, everything is shown in a very detailed way.

It also ensures that those who perceive India outside the country take Bollywood as the most precise cultural depiction. The Bollywood dance facts are also entirely on point, which is another potential reason.

The third reason that we would like to talk about is that both Bollywood films, as well as Bollywood dancing, have ensured that they can show the change in Indian culture. If you look at the movies which were made 100 years ago and from then the ones which are made at an interval of every ten years, there is a very potential change, and that is visible as well. The best thing here is that Bollywood, in most cases, has made the most accurate depiction as well, which has ensured that it has become an essential part of Indian culture.

Can You Learn Bollywood Form Of Dance?

The best thing about Bollywood forms of dance is that stringent rules are absent, and thus you can choose to make a bit of derivation. There are quite a few Bollywood dance classes that make sure that you can pick up at least the basics and then put in your creativity to choreograph a unique dance form.


Bollywood films and Bollywood dance are both vital parts of Indian culture, and they are, in most cases, quite faithful to the roots as well. If you're interested in learning this style of dance, Kafqa Academy is a great place to start. You can sign up for online Bollywood dance classes there.

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