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Bollywood Dance-A Phenomenal Fusion Of Vibrancy Rhythm and Energy

24th May, 2022

We have all seen Bollywood dance on television or in movies. Bollywood dancing is growing more popular worldwide. It is thrilling and entertaining, but where did it originate from? This distinct dance technique, often known as Indian cinema dancing, is frequently seen on Western television and in films. With dramatic facial expressions, cinematic features, and a lot of cardio, it is no surprise that this dancing fad is spreading throughout the world.

Easy Sangeet Steps | Dance Tutorial

We will look at what makes Bollywood dancing so distinctive in this post. We will go back in time to learn about the history of Bollywood dancing and how it is gaining appeal as a fitness workout as well.

Bollywood Dance contains Graceful But Energizing Movements

Bollywood dance is frequently performed in a big group and is highly coordinated. This is why Bollywood dancing is so captivating and thrilling to see. The group's great enthusiasm unifies the entire performance and adds to the story's essence. Hand gestures, neck and head movements, facial expressions, foot movements, and costumes are part of Bollywood dancing. Each of these components came together to form a dance-theater hybrid.

Movements Of The Body And Motions

Mudra refers to hand gestures, which are a sort of sign language. They assist in the telling of a narrative, believe it or not. They are done with one hand sometimes and with both hands other times. You will understand what these hand motions represent in the narrative when you study the fundamentals of Bollywood dance. The fluidity is further enhanced by the head and neck motions. This is one of the most apparent aspects of the dance, and it allows dancers to express themselves more facially.

Finally, the foot motions bring the style together. These foot motions are incredibly intricate and similar to ballet feet. However, they are not as evident to an uneducated spectator. Their steps have a bounce comparable to the English 'chicken step,' which requires a lot of work to master

Classical Dance Techniques

Bollywood dances were inspired by Indian traditional dance traditions such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak. Both of these forms employ movement and rhythm to tell classic stories. While Bharatnatyam developed as a temple dance in South India, Kathak is a love dance from India's northern regions. These dancing forms are used in Bollywood films to advance the plot and lighten the atmosphere.

Dress And Costume

Of course, no dance is complete without the appropriate attire. Bollywood dancing, like other Indian festivals, is a vibrant event. Many of these garments pay respect to ancient dancing techniques, but it is not unusual to see more modern versions as well. The style or color of the outfit is also determined by the type of dance performed. For example, the courtesan's dance, known as Mujrah, is highly popular in Bollywood films. Thus you will frequently see unique costume designs for it. A spiritual dance would symbolize pure white attire, whereas exuberant colors dominate the Bollywood extravaganza.

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How Bollywood Dance Evolved Over The Years

Throughout the decades, the Bollywood dance style has evolved. Now that you know the foundations, let's look at how Bollywood dance evolved into such a powerful and well-known movement. Following Hollywood's footsteps, Bollywood has grown to become the world's largest film industry.

Bollywood films are modeled after the elaborate, choreographed dance routines seen in Hollywood musicals in the 1940s and 1950s. In most situations, the dances are meant to assist the plot. However, there has been a recent trend of specific numbers being used as 'Item numbers' in Bollywood movie terminology.

At first, Bollywood dances were based on Indian classical dance techniques and Indian folk dances. Bollywood dance has built a reputation for itself by incorporating folk dance and music. The most commonly seen Indian folk dances are Bhangra and Garba. These forms rapidly melded with other popular dance styles from throughout the world, and Bollywood dance is today regarded as a distinct genre.

Besides, Bollywood dancers bring a whimsical and high-energy enthusiasm to the stage that is a sight to see.

Discover Bollywood Dance

Are you ready to try out this new dancing technique for yourself? This is an excellent introduction to dancing for anybody of any ability level since it incorporates aspects of both traditional Indian and Western dances. You get to dress up in fun dancing outfits, move about, and represent yourself all at once.


Find your inner Bollywood star by enrolling yourself in a class. You can opt for dance classes as well to learn dance online and adopt this dance form. You may start looking on the internet with the search word “dance classes near me” and accordingly enroll in the one that suits your criteria the most.

Nowadays, many dance academies provide dance classes for adults and children. However, the best dance academy offers an inclusive learning experience to each student. You do not need any prior knowledge to learn the fundamentals, and you could even find a new hobby through dance lessons conducted by this academy. There is a reason Bollywood dancing is so famous worldwide, and now is your chance to experience it for yourself.

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