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Bharatanatyam - Top Institutes, Careers & Famous Dancers

1st Jul, 2022

Are you an aspiring dancer willing to pursue a solid career in the field of Bharatanatyam dance? If yes, you must not take a step back from reaching new heights and hitting new goals. Bharatanatyam's classical dance form is highly soothing to watch and perform. Top-notch dedication, hard work, and patience can bless you with incredibly predictable output. Your consistency throughout the learning process will not hurt your expectations, and that's a solid promise!

Check out this blog from tip to toe, and you will be able to grab solid information about the top institutes teaching Bharatanatyam, career options that you can choose to make out of it, and names of some of the famous artists. They have established themselves as one of the most renowned classical dancers worldwide. Stay tuned and keep reading till the very end!

What Are the Top Institutes Teaching Bharatanatyam Dance Form?

Check out the names of some of the top institutes offering Bharatanatyam training sessions, thus honing your skills in the best possible ways:

1. Bharatanatyam, Kafqa Academy

We at Kafqa Academy are humbled to be one of the best training sources for you to rely on. If you have a tight schedule but really want to invest some time in nourishing and nurturing your passion, do get in touch with us. Since we offer online classes to our students, you will be able to enjoy the utmost convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

The Bharatanatyam dancers or expert trainers associated with us will guide you throughout the process without compromising even a little bit. `Our curriculum is constantly changing to meet the requirements of students, helping them achieve utmost excellence. Our batches are small and compact that helps students experience the personal touch, that further keeps them more exposure and knowledge.

With their excellent assistance, you can take a step closer to your dream quite seamlessly. Also, you will get the exciting opportunity of booking a free trial class before investing your money. These free sessions will help you to evaluate your decision.

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2. Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai

Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya was established by Dr. Kanak Rele in 1967 and is affiliated with the University of Mumbai. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places for the performing arts. Several people choose this Institution because it has renowned gurus, highly qualified teachers, and allied subjects. The years of expertise of the dance gurus will leave you in complete awe, and you will certainly not regret your decision after enrolling in this dance academy.

The institution has more than 150 students and 20 teachers, who are all very well established in the field of bharatanatyam. The institution offers postgraduate diplomas in dance and fitness, master in fine arts and many more. They thrive to preserve classical dance traditions and the teachers and students maintain an extremely healthy relationship.

3. Nrityanjali Institute of Performing Arts, Mumbai

Nrityanjali Institute of Performing Arts was formed on 19th July 1962. Under the aegis of Dr. Tushar Guha, this academy aims to promote excellent cultural heritage and impart discipline among the young generation. Situated in Mumbai, this particular institute specializes in Indian Classical Dance Forms such as Bharatanatyam dance and Folk Dance forms. By getting in touch with this fantastic academy, you will be able to shape your skills with the right amount of knowledge imparted by the professional gurus out there.

The institution teaches several classical dances including bharatanatyam, such as kathak, kuchipudi, manipuri, odissi, mohiniattam and kathakali.

4. Sri Thyagaraja College of Music and Dance, Hyderabad

Sri Thyagaraja College of Music and Dance, Hyderabad, offers 13 different courses to their students related to Indian classical music and dance. Since music and dance form a significant part of the Indian cultural heritage, this Institution truly believes in propagating and preserving the creative sector. It was established in 1952 and has successfully crossed 62 years in imparting knowledge and training sessions to its fellow students.

This college provides education for north and south indian dance and music forms. The college consists of different fine and popular dancers and musicians who served as principals and teachers over the years.

What Career Can You Pursue After Learning Bharatanatyam?

To be honest, mastering the art of Bharatanatyam is not an easy cakewalk. But, as mentioned earlier, your consistency in the process will generate predictable outcomes in no time. All you need to do is possess the much-needed willpower to evolve as one of the best Bharatanatyam dancers in this current era!

Once you successfully cross the hurdles and master this unique art form, you can quickly grab plenty of opportunities.

First, you can choose to become a full-time Bharatanatyam dancer and showcase your skills and potential to the world. By performing in different events, be it drama or dance, you can steal the thunder with your hand gestures, expressions, and eye-catching body postures.

Apart from that, you can opt to be a dance teacher or choreographer. By inspiring other like-minded individuals, you can set yourself as an excellent example for the future generation. Also, pursuing your career as a teacher will enable you to shape and build a team of your own. How cool does it sound to travel to different corners of the country and portray your skills before a massive audience?

Name of Some of the Famous Bharatanatya Dancers

Take a Look at the Name of Some of the Renowned Artists Mentioned Below in this Blog

1. Rukmini Devi

Rukmini devi was one of the most popular bharatanatyam dancers and choreographers. She was beautiful and charismatic that greatly contributed to the aesthetics of the dance form. She was born in 1904 to Neelakanta Shastri and Seshammal. Her family was of the upper class and her father was an engineer but this did not stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a dancer. She began learning dance from Mylapore Gauri Ammal. She and her husband, Dr. George Arundale formed the kalakshetra. In 1956, he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan and the “sangeet natak Akademi fellowship” in 1967.

2. Padma Subrahmanyam

Born on the 4th of February 1943. Dr. Padma Subramayam is one of the most legendary Bharatanatyam dancers in the world. Her father founded a dance school called Nrithyodaya in 1942, she serves as the director there today. Both her parents were artists, her father a film director and her mother a dancer, choreographer and instrumentalist. She started learning dance under her guru Kaushalya, further moving on to Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai. She had her arangetram at the tender age of 14, being one of the most popular faces in bharatanatyam dance. She has won many awards such as the Padma Shri, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Kalidas Samman etc

3. Aramel Valli

Aramel Valli is a popularly celebrated bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer. Her dance form applauded because of her dynamic and beautiful style of expressing herself. He has trained under Pandanallur Sri Chokkalingam Pillai and his son Subbaraya Pillai. She calls her style classical, yet contemporary. She has received several awards such as the Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri from the government of India, Sangeet Natak Akadamy award etc.

4. Yamini Krishnamurthy

Born in 1940, Yamini Krishnamurthy is a renowned bharatanatyam and kuchipudi dancer. She started as a dance performer in 1957, at the age of 17 years. She was born to a Telugu family and received her initial training of bharatanatyam by Rukmini Devi in the Kalakshetra School of dance and was later groomed by Kanchipuram Ellappa Pillai and Tanjavur Kitappa Pillai. She was recognised as the Asthana Nartaki of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam and received several awards such as the Padma Shree in 1968 and Padma Bhushan in 2001.

5. Mallika Sarabhai

Mallika is a popular Bharatanatyam and Kuchupudi dancer from Ahmedabad, Gujarath. She was born to the well known space scientist Vikram Sarabhai and was a woman of many talents. Her mother, Mrinalini Sarabhai was a great Bharanatyam dancer, hence the art came naturally to her. She started her training under her mother and learnt several other dance forms simultaneously.

To Sign Off

Hopefully, this blog will make you feel motivated enough to stick to your decision to evolve as one of the well-reputed Bharatanatyam dancers after a certain point in time. What are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in a reliable academy and start your journey with utmost confidence now!

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