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Bharatanatyam Dance Academy: What Are the Things to Keep In Mind Before Picking a Bharatanatyam Teacher

16th Mar, 2022

Indian classical dance is an art form that connects you to the Indian heritage, culture and roots. Learning a classical dance form such as Bharatanatyam is no less than an adventure. Efficient trainers at the top Bharatanatyam dance academy will instill grace and elegance within you. Bharatanatyam originally started in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and paved its way in South India.

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Suppose you want to master the art of Bharatanatyam. In that case, you need to hold your patience, be highly disciplined and choose an excellent Bharatanatyam teacher who will guide you throughout the journey. Take a look at this post and learn some things you need to keep in your mind before picking up a Bharatanatyam dance teacher.

● Be Sure to Yourself

Before getting in touch with a Bharatanatyam dance teacher, you need to take some time out and finalize the type of classical dance form you want to learn. It is essential to develop a clear image of what you like and are comfortable with. Take a look at some of the Bharatanatyam videos and see whether you are enjoying watching them or not. If you want to see yourself as a Bharatanatyam professional dancer after a few years, you are ready to take the next step.

● Language of the Teacher

Look out for a Bharatanatyam dance teacher who communicates in a language that is known to you. This will make the Bharatanatyam dance classes quite more accessible and more fun. It will help you to learn the form in a fast and correct way. You need to look for a teacher who can communicate in a language you are comfortable with. This will help you narrow down your list and find your perfect match.

● Fees of the Teacher

The overall charges or fees of the teacher should be reasonable so that you can pay the amount with utmost ease. An affordable fee structure will allow you to stay in the learning process and keep going. The fees of your dance guru should not exceed your overall budget in a month. If the fees fit your monthly budget, you will not experience a shortage of money while dealing with other day-to-day chores.

● Timing of the Teacher of the Dance Academy

The dance classes' schedule should be designed to fall under your free time and enable you to join the courses without any hindrances. You need to look for a teacher who respects your pace and time. Bharatanatyam is not easy to learn, and if your teacher tends to hurry, you will not get desired output at the end of the day.

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● The Teacher Should be Passionate

The dance teacher needs to be passionate about their dance form. They must know what they are teaching to their fellow dance students. They must love their job. They should know all the knicks and knacks of Bharatanatyam that they have mastered in so many years. A passionate and experienced dance teacher has the in-built potential of explaining the dance steps and form simply and smoothly. Being a teacher is not easy, and you need to show your dedication towards Bharatanatyam so that the students can get inspired.

● Check out the Reviews

Before enrolling yourself in Bharatanatyam dance classes, check out the reviews of the dance teachers beforehand. Get in touch with the past students and learn from them about their experiences. It will enable you to learn about your dance guru as a person rather than being a teacher.

● Consider a Trial or Demo Class

If you take a demo class, it will help you get an idea of your dance teacher's nature and the energy required in the process. Observation is the best policy to conclude. A trial class will enable you to understand whether your teacher supports your journey and understands your goals or not.

● Patience

Every student does not have the equal potential to grab the dance moves. This is why your dance teacher needs to be patient while teaching you the dance steps. They must provide more attention to those extremely new students in Bharatanatyam who are clueless about the ongoing activities.

● Professionalism

If you can't correctly learn the dance form, it will simply waste your money and time. Hence, the teacher needs to be professional and punctual. They must reach the dance classes in the assigned time and handle the challenges of their students with grace.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the essential tips you need to keep in mind while looking for a Bharatanatyam dance teacher at a reputed dance academy. Start your journey and spread your grace all over the stage. Few years of hard work and patience can help you to reach milestones.

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