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Benefits of Learning Online Carnatic Music that Can Change Anyone's Life

14th Jun, 2022

You must put a Carnatic singing concert on your bucket list of things to do in life if you have not been already! The Carnatic singing experience is personal and understated, profound and important, and yet the sensation of communion with the highly discerning audience is comforting. The good energy, vibes, and atmosphere are just enthralling.

Why singing is good for you - TEDx

Who are those people who are tapping their feet, semi-dancing, and gyrating? The thathas (grandfathers) and pattis (grandmothers) are just as passionate as the younger crowd! What draws young and old, residents and non-residents, similar to Carnatic music events held both online and offline?

The answer would be found somewhere between melody and rhythm, intricate technicalities, and various genres, all of which combine to provide a truly rewarding experience.

Music can also be therapeutic that can change anyone's life, and Indian classical music, particularly Carnatic music, with its ragas and bhavas, can help to settle a restless or worried mind. The following are some of the reasons for Carnatic music's popularity.

Benefits of Learning Online Carnatic Music

Patterns, methods, and improvisations abound throughout Carnatic music vocals. Carnatic singing is a beneficial mental workout. It also has a lot of unpredictability, which makes listeners and learners ponder.

Whether counting talas, guessing the raga, debating the alapanais, comparing the singer and musicians' coordination (typically the violin, mridangam, and ghatam players), picking a favorite neraval, or completely immersing themselves in the raga, Carnatic music fans have plenty to do while practicing. The tunes of Carnatic singing fascinate and invigorate both the audience and the singers and players.

Aside from these advantages, science has backed up Carnatic music's favorable impacts.

Take a look at some of the health benefits of Carnatic music and Indian classical music in general, as established by research, making it worthwhile leisure, interest, and profession.

  1. Increased Auditory Abilities - According to a 2014 study, Carnatic music vocal improves auditory temporal resolution, which is important for interpreting speech in a noisy setting for those with hearing problems and implants, as well as those who have normal hearing.
    Those who have studied Carnatic music vocals have improved their ability to listen in noisy environments. According to a 2016 study, Indian classical musical instruction improves musicians' pre-attentive auditory discriminating skills when compared to non-musicians.
  2. Memory Enhancement - Do you have more than three years of experience learning Carnatic music? If you have, you will benefit from an improved memory. You may have heard music recommended as one of the best extracurricular activities to complement academics.
    The greater retention capacity may be the reason. As a result, if you are studying for an exam, your odds of improving your concentration and focus as a Carnatic music student are higher than if you are not.

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  3. Improved Capacity To Do Mental Tasks - Do you have music playing in the background while you go about your everyday tasks? It most likely makes you feel better by improving your mood. But it might be doing more than that; if you listen to the "right" music, you might even become more efficient at performing those duties.
    Listening to Indian classical instrumental and Indo Jazz music can boost concentration and attention, improve brain functioning, and improve task performance, according to a 2016 study.
    The same happens if you sing songs from these genres.
  4. Enhanced Mathematical Abilities - Carnatic music comprises a range of mathematical aspects, including calculations, counts, and patterns. Carnatic vocalists and musicians, for example, create their own Kalpana swaras or note patterns set to a specific tala. This necessitates pattern recognition. Tala is a numerical system in and of itself.
    As a result, numerous mathematical elements are implicit in Carnatic music. According to research published in 2020, youngsters who learned Carnatic music vocal alongside their academic education had superior math skills than those who did not.
    Keeping this and Carnatic Singing many other benefits of learning Carnatic music in mind, you may enroll your child in a music class where they can learn online Carnatic music, as it saves time and provides the class from the comfort of home.
    You can consider learning from us at Kafqa Academy for this purpose. Your child can learn online Carnatic music lessons from popular online academy like us for a very affordable price.
  5. Decreased Levels of Depression and Anxiety - There is a lot to be said for Indian classical music's relaxing effect. You might want to immerse yourself in the peaceful and stress-relieving melodious and harmonious tones of Carnatic music after a long, hard day.
    According to a 2009 study, Indian classical music increased sleep quality in people who were depressed. Another study found that people who listened to it experienced less stress, anxiety, and despair.


Enroll your child in Kafqa Academy’s Carnatic singing classes so that they can learn from expert music teachers. Our music teachers are experienced in the field, and they can train children to the best of their capabilities. Enroll today, and let your child learn online Carnatic music to experience all the above-mentioned benefits of learning Carnatic music vocals with Kafqa Academy!

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