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Beginner Lessons-5 Tips to Memorize Guitar Chords in a Short Amount of Time

10th May, 2022

If you are reading this blog, it is pretty evident that you are willing to learn the guitar chords and showcase your skills in front of the world. Does your heart skip a beat while watching some of the leading guitarists such as David Gilmour, Bradford Philip Delson, and Mike Shinoda play their instrument? These talented artists have evolved as a great inspiration for the future generation, and you never know, you might be the next Chester Bennington!

Being a guitarist is not an easy deal; you need to start with online guitar lessons for beginners. However, staying consistent in the process on a daily basis is the primary key to achieving success. Read this blog from tip to toe and learn some of the information to memorize the guitar chords within a limited amount of time.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Don’t Rush in the Learning Process

Excelling in a particular form of art takes a great deal of patience and time; if you choose to rush instead, you will fail to achieve the desired output. The renowned guitarists have set themselves as great examples because they have invested their energy and effort in learning. Remember, before you start running, you need to learn how to walk. Taking baby steps is exceptionally crucial; otherwise, you might lose the opportunity to outshine your competitors.

In the initial stage, take the entire process slowly. You need to know everything about your instrument in and out. When the mechanism gets fixed in your brain, it will help you boost up the speed and thus, you can take your learning process to the next level. Once your fingertips get accustomed to the correct frets and chords, you can reach new heights and stand out among others.

Practice One Lesson for 20 Times

Suppose you have finally learned some of the basic chords. Do you think you are done and ready to hop onto the next level? No, certainly not. You might have learned the chords, but you need to practice them with top-notch focus until and unless you have mastered playing them. Learning a specific lesson is quite time-consuming, but people tend to forget them within a blink of an eye. You will have to memorize guitar chords and practise hard so that after a certain point of time, you can feel the frets and strings under your fingertips. There should be no room for mistakes. Even if you are learning one guitar chord, you need to slay while playing it.

Try Playing the Chords Without Looking at It

You must have watched the leading guitarists playing their guitars with their eyes closed. This capability doesn’t get developed in one single day. One needs to engross themselves in years of practice to achieve such potential. It is not a gift or a blessing from the Almighty; it’s pure hard work, dedication and hours, of course, to hone the skills.

After learning some of the chords, try playing them without looking at them. By maintaining consistency in the process, you can develop the skill independently. After a few days or months, you will be able to find the chords with your eyes closed, which is a sign of an experienced guitarist. Closed eyes combined with head bangs will make you look relaxed and confident on stage.

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A Break Is a Must

Practicing is necessary, and you are pretty aware of this fact by now. However, if you do not take any break between your practice sessions, it will do more harm than good. After you memorize guitar chords, take a quick break and have your cup of black coffee or go out for a walk on the nearby lawn. It is essential to give your brain the required time for the guitar chords to sink in.

If you think constant practice will help you hit new goals, you are highly mistaken. Whenever you are into the learning process, engage yourself totally into it, but give yourself a break and grab that cup of tea.

Get Back into the Process and Repeat

Don’t take an extended break; otherwise, you will feel lethargic. Plan your schedule in a balanced way to take out some time for your other tasks and household chores. Repeat the process repeatedly and stay in touch with all the lessons starting from the primary level. Overdoing anything will never be helpful, but a one-day gap might lead to a considerable loss.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the ways by which you can memorize the guitar chords with utmost ease. Enroll yourself in guitar lessons for beginners and seek professional help from the experts. It will keep you hyped up throughout the process.

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