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How to dance Bollywood for Beginners: 10 Basic Steps to Start With

27th Apr, 2022

With the current pandemic and all the shutdowns that come with it, many reputed dance classes are committed to helping you learn Bollywood dance in your home and your life every day. Though online Bollywood dance classes may feel slightly different from physical classrooms, you will be thrilled by the flexibility of the trainers and reputed dancers.

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As a beginner, if you take up online Bollywood dance classes, you will realize that dancing is more than just matching steps. There are many benefits of enrolling in online dance classes, and this guide will give you the reasons why.

How Do Online Bollywood Dance Classes Work?

  • Most of the online dance classes are scheduled at a proper time.
  • The trainers guide the students in the dance programs offered by the dancing class.
  • Most of the dance classes are recorded live to keep the new dancers engaged; there is also bonus content.
  • There is a specific teacher/trainer for every type of dance which will guide the students accordingly.

Benefits of Online Bollywood Dance Classes

If you look at the world's condition today due to the ongoing pandemic, you will know that there are many benefits of opting for online dance classes rather than going to a physical classroom. The following points will help you understand the importance of online dance sessions:

1. Personal Connection

In the present condition, due to the ongoing pandemic, most of us crave social interaction. If you get a chance to see or hear a familiar face, it will feel very valuable. Many things can be done, from meeting your dance friends to sharing things with your dance teachers.

2. Staying Active

This is one of the best benefits if you want to learn Bollywood dance online, and you need to remember that if you have good physical health, it will contribute to good mental health.

A good dancing academy or school will be committed to keeping its dancers moving during these tough times. By practicing dance moves and having an enhanced heart rate, many benefits can boost a dancer's mood.

3. It is a Fun Activity

Online dance classes can provide you with a weekly outlet of fun for dancers from the safety of their homes. As a dancer, you can look forward to every week, and there might be recorded content on specific applications.

Many dancing schools look to improve their game in terms of interactive activities because the young beginners are in desperate need of these things now.

4. It Gives You a Sense of Normalcy

Children can benefit a lot from proper routines and structures. When weekly dance classes are scheduled, it ensures that they are mentally prepared to return to the class with improved confidence knowing that they have everything prepared.

5. Creative Outlet

It is not easy for kids to grasp lockdowns and social distancing despite their age or understand the situation. They are feeling the effects of social distancing mentally and physically.

When they get a chance to be themselves, be creative, and dance learning, it can help to improve their moods. These are things that most young people are craving right now.

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6. Dancing can Help to Bring Joy to People

As a beginner, when you enroll in online Bollywood dance classes, you can enhance your strength, technique and flexibility in dancing. It will also help in keeping your mind happy.

7. Students can Feel Confident while Returning to Class

When you begin to learn Bollywood dance offline and have missed some classes, it can reduce your confidence and dancing ability. When you return to your dance studio after several weeks and months of not dancing, you might feel stressed.

But if you participate in online Bollywood dance classes, you will be prepared to return to the dancing studio as you did not miss anything.

8. It Teaches the New Dancers to be Adaptable

You need to be able to say that 'the show must go on whenever you fall in any trouble. When you take online dance classes, you can come out of the current situation strong and be more versatile and adaptable to things. You will know that there is always another plan.

9. It Teaches Dancers to be Responsible for Their Learning

When you decide to take online Bollywood dance classes, you take ownership of your motivation and energy. To drag yourself off your couch and learn how to dance takes some real strength.

Learning how to motivate yourself is a great skill that you can have and can build with time. A beginner will be further motivated to dance at home as they will feel more comfortable and familiar with doing so.

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