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6 Notable Carnatic Musicians In India

21st Jun, 2022

When we talk about the field of Indian classical music, we must speak of Carnatic music, which is one of the most critical fields. For anyone who does not have a basic idea about this form, it is one of the most beautiful and intricate classical music farms, originating in the southern part of India. Since then, there have been a lot of beautiful singers who have made their presence felt and contributed to the field immensely.

If your child finds a lot of interest in Carnatic music and learns the same, then you must know about something from the field that will help you make a better decision. One crucial factor that we have to discuss today is the Carnatic musicians who have been phenomenal and got the best on the plate.

Anywhere you sign up for Carnatic music lessons, you will notice that the first thing they will teach you is the basics, followed by the poignant contributors in the field. Today we will talk about six notable individuals who have given their best and devised the most beautiful musical compositions.

6 Notable Names in the Field of Carnatic Music

Learning Carnatic music for beginners is not difficult; however, you must find a suitable class that will focus on every factor well. The six most notable names in the field of Carnatic music in India are:

1. Sri Shyama Shastri

When we talk about essential contributors in the field of Carnatic music, we must speak about Shri Shyama Shastri. He is known for his unique capabilities in Carnatic music and the intricate contributions that form a pillar of this particular music form. Shri Shyama Shastri was born in 1763 and has been known to practice Carnatic music as a form since then.

Most people who have spoken about his music would say his voice had divine energy. This energy ensured that people kept listening to his music hours after hours; even to date, that has not changed.

Shyama Sastri Krithis Audio Jukebox of Carnatic Music

2. MS Subbulakshmi

The next name we will talk about today, which is what is mentioned, is known other than the prodigy herself- MS Subbulakshmi. It would not be wrong to say in this respect that people who do not even understand the field of Carnatic music tend to have a gala time listening to her compositions. She was born in 1916 and has been vested in the practice of Carnatic music.

As a singer, her contribution can never be replicated, and today we have to mention that her sheer talent and love for the field brought her to this juncture.

3. Aruna Sairam

It would be a grave mistake to talk about Karnataka musicians and not mention the name of Aruna Sairam in this respect. She is another gym in the field of the Carnatic music industry, and to date, her compositions are looked up to with care and grace. She was also born into a music family, which facilitated her love for the field of Carnatic music. She has also been the proponent of some of the most prestigious awards in the country.

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4. M. Bala Murali Krishna

The next name we will discuss today is none other than M. Bala Murali Krishna. Most people who have listened to his compositions would say that there is a bit of charisma in his voice which can attract people to his music. Even some people would say that when he used to sing, people would usually stop all their work and listen to him, mesmerized.

5. Semmangudi Shrinivas Iyer

When we talk about famous personalities in Carnatic music, it is imperative to speak about Semmangudi Shrinivas Iyer. Born in 1903, he has often been accorded the status of one of the best male Carnatic singers present to date. If you go through the history of Carnatic music, you would know that Semmangudi had a very different texture of voice, which also added to the spark of the music.

6. Nityashree Mahadevan

And finally, when we talk about important names from the field of Carnatic music, we must speak of Nithyashree Mahadevan. Since its inception, she was known to be brought up in a musical family who had an affinity towards the field of Carnatic music. Her love for many kinds of music has made her excel in the area and even be known as one of the best.


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