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9 Steps to Learn Guitar Online

25th Apr, 2022

'Damn, this person is born to be a guitarist'- did you ever go through this feeling while watching someone playing their guitar? If you have an unexplained desire to evolve as a guitarist someday, you can learn guitar online. Nobody comes into this world with a specific set of talents; this is a pure myth that most people are nourishing until now. To dear future guitarists, check out this blog and take your first step towards your dream.

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● Learn Guitar Online: Get Yourself a Guitar

If you are willing to learn guitar, you will have to purchase the instrument first. Since you are a beginner in this field, don't go for complex instruments; you need to adapt the basics in the initial stage. You can choose between an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, whatever suits your requirements. After buying a guitar, learn about the functionalities of the parts, strings, and controls.

● Patience Is the Key

This is one of the crucial tips you need to consider in your learning process. Patience, consistency, and persistence will lead you to new heights. You might miss out on the essential factors if you rush while learning it. To excel in this art form, you need to hone your skills by practicing hard.

● Find Out Resources to Learn About Tablature

What do you understand by tablature? It is like a detailed map that lets you know where to place your fingers on the guitar. Tabs are essential for learning scales, chords, and songs. If you join online guitar classes in India, the experts will guide you on the right path. Apart from that, you can check a few reliable websites and gather potential insights.

● You Can Check Tutorial Videos

You can always switch to YouTube videos and look at the sessions provided by experienced professionals. They design the entire routine exclusively for expert players, beginners, and intermediate guitarists. You can pause the video multiple times and learn from it. You need to type 'online guitar lesson for beginners' on the search bar.

● You Can Register Yourself for a Digital Training

Free resources are good, but paid resources are even better. You can get in touch with professional guitarists and interact with them in the learning process. They will strive hard to clear your doubts since it's pretty similar to in-person sessions. Their feedback will allow you to identify the areas of potential mistakes and work on them. If you are looking for personal guidance, the online guitar classes in India are the best choice, without a doubt.

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● Keep Progressing Everyday

If you stick to your passion, hard work, and dedication, you will master the beginner chords within a few weeks. But, that is not your limit. Once you become an expert in nailing the easy chords, take slow steps and push yourself more challenging to learn and practice the complex chords. Remember, you are your biggest competitor, and challenging your potential will help you explore different hidden versions that you are unaware of.

● Don't Compare Yourself with Others

The moment you start thinking, 'of course they are better than me,' it will eventually negatively impact you. You are no less than others; as mentioned earlier, you are your competition. If you let your ego pave its way, the outcome will not let you outshine others. Always focus on tracking your progress rather than observing what others are doing. If somebody is better than you, even you are doing good compared to someone else. To be the best, you will have to invest all your efforts and focus on nothing but yourself.

● Try Not to Look at Your Hands

Not looking at your hands in the initial learning process is not that easy; it's next to impossible. However, once you learn to play some of the chords, try playing a string without looking at your hands. It will allow you to connect to the chord placement feeling. After a specific time, you can take the learning process to the next level. Consider closing your eyes and playing the strum. It might sound complicated and challenging, but it will make you feel like a pro when you learn the procedure.

● Stay Consistent and Practice

Watching many videos and gaining theoretical knowledge about them is a good thing. However, if you don't pick up that guitar and place your fingers on the frets, it will not generate output. Even if you choose to practice guitar for 30 minutes a day, it's worth it. When you are working hard to achieve one of your goals, maintaining consistency and staying loyal is exceptionally mandatory.

The Bottom Line

These are some vital tips that will help you learn guitar online.

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