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9 Reasons Why Hip Hop is so popular: Learn Hip Hop Online

27th Apr, 2022

Hip hop dance came into existence in the 1960s. But the dance form continues to be immensely popular. Even though it was initially performed on the streets, artists represent the style on prestigious global platforms like the World Dance Championship. A lot of people wonder how to learn hip hop dance at home, which brings the question of how it is so popular. Read to know nine reasons behind the popularity of hip hop.

Why Hip Hop is World Culture | Ian Lawrence - TEDx

1. Enjoyable Dance Form

Hip hop dance is fun and funky. It is often fast-paced, but you will not have to put in the effort consciously. The music will make you groove automatically and give you some cool moves on the dance floor. Your ultimate purpose should be to match the tempo of the song with some explosive movements. The best part about hip hop moves is that you can flaunt them at the club or at a party.

2. Popular Personalities

A major reason behind the popularity of hip hop dance classes is the iconic personalities associated with the dance form. Can you deny that the stellar moves of Michael Jackson have influenced even non-dancers to groove a little bit? Celebrities like Beyonce have taken hip hop dance to a whole new level in contemporary times.

3. Different Styles

The best part about hip hop is that it includes a plethora of other dance forms under its umbrella. B-boying or breakdancing has been present since the initial days of hip hop. It includes acrobatic moves, footwork, and a popular move called the Freeze. Locking is a hip hop style characterized by rapid movements and sharp pauses. Several other hip hop styles like popping, funk, reggae, and boogaloo exist.

4. Freestyling

The ability to be creative and independent with their moves is a reason why dancers love hip hop. Artists are able to freely express themselves through the movements. The dance form creates ample opportunities for dancers to improvise. Freestyling ensures that dancers are allowed to perform without setting a strict choreography. The ability to use their artistic expression enables dancers to rebalance their emotions.

5. Dance Battles

Hip hop dancers get the opportunity to have one-on-one battles with other dancers. Participating in dance battles fosters the creativity of dancers. They become better at showcasing their moves spontaneously. Dancers with stage fright can get rid of it through battles. You will be required to present your best moves to win the battle. Even if you don’t win, hip hop battles are a lot of fun.

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6. Calorie Burner

Hip hop dance classes help you burn a lot of calories. No matter which style of hip hop you are learning, you are usually required to move your whole body. They are incredibly high-impact cardio. People can improve their cardiovascular health through hip hop dance. The dance form also helps you to strengthen your muscles. You will be able to tone your muscles and improve joint flexibility. Even beginners can enjoy the anaerobic benefits of hip hop dance by only learning the basics. Hip hop lets you strengthen your core while improving bone health at the same time.

7. Empowering

Sometimes hip hop moves require you to be a little laid-back and bouncy. At other times, you will have to flaunt your sharp and crisp power moves. But no matter what it is, dancers get the vibe of really owning the stage. Even people who find it difficult to express themselves through dance can be sassy on the floor. Dancers feel empowered while showing their moves and immediately feel more confident.

8. Stress-Relief

Hip hop moves are great for people who want to get rid of some mental burden. Hip hop dance can cure depression and release stress from the body. The dance form involves exercise and music, which in turn can balance your mental health. Matching the beat in hip hop classes also makes you strengthen your muscle memory. It makes you more about your body and helps you bring fluidity to your dance steps.

9. Sense of Belongingness

Hip hop as a dance form is so popular because pursuing it gives dancers a sense of belongingness. They feel identified as a part of the community where everyone is passionate about the dance form. They get inspired by one another and try to master their skills.

Wrapping up

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