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8 Facts About Kathak Dance Form You Need to Know Before Joining a Class

1st Jun, 2022

Sometimes, all you want is to communicate and express your inner thunderstorm without using words or phrases. Framing your feelings into just a few words is not worth it every time; instead, you can choose to dance it out elegantly and gracefully. Dance- a vibrant and lively form of expression! If you are passionate about dance and are willing to master this impressive art form, choosing the Kathak dance form can be your best bet.

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Apart from healing your mind and body from various aspects, dance allows you to express all the unsaid words. Suppose you choose Kathak-a brilliant form of Indian Classical Dance. In that case, the seamless movements and gorgeous gestures will boost your overall confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in your own body.

However, before you consider enrolling yourself in a Kathak dance class, you need to learn about specific facts related to this beautiful dance form. Gaining potential theoretical knowledge before exploring the practical part is quite mandatory. Stay tuned to this blog from top to bottom, and you will be blessed with all the required information.

What Are the Important Facts About Kathak to Learn?

Before you involve yourself in professional Kathak training, check out some of the crucial facts that can't be overlooked:

  1. The Indian Classical dance form Kathak typically originated from North India's traveling bards referred to as storytellers or Kathakars. They used to portray different stories through their accurate hand gestures, top-notch and rhythmic foot movements, brilliant coordination of eye work, and facial expressions.
  2. This famous form of classical dance typically consists of three Gharanas, namely-the Benaras Gharana, the Jaipur Gharana, and the Lucknow Gharana. You will get the scope of learning all these Gharanas in the online Kathak classes. The Gharana of Banaras and Lucknow was found in the court of the Kachwaha Rajput King.
  3. The term Kathak is derived from 'Katha,' which means a story. In Sanskrit, Katthaka refers to an individual telling the story using various expressions and gestures. After a specific time, the patronage for Kathak shifted to the royal court environment from the temples. As a result, this particular dance form evolved as an entertainment source more than a means of telling a story. In this present era, Kathak is all about movement and rhythm; the aspect of storytelling has eventually lost its existence with time!
  4. Despite all the combined past stories, the majority of the aspiring dancers choose Kathak with an approach to build a career out of it. Several authentic instruments are used to accompany Kathak; some of them are flute or bansuri, dilruba, harmonium, ghungaru, pakhawaj, santur, sarangi, sarod, sitar, surmandal, tabla, etc.; the musicians use Tanpura to create Kathak's main background music among all the other instruments.
  5. The expressive body movements combined with stylized gestures make the Kathak dancers look beautiful and unique. This heavenly dance form is potent enough to win billions of hearts out there. You can now evolve as the next dancing icon among the competitive mass by engaging yourself in online classical dance classes.

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  6. The excellent footwork of the Kathak artists looks breathtaking when accompanied by specific instruments such as tabla and pakhawaj. The like-minded audience gets the opportunity of witnessing a compatible display of talent on the spot. The 'jugalbandi' between the instrument player and Kathak dancer is worth watching, to be honest. Such performances, along with the tales, stay etched in the hearts and minds till eternity. By learning the Indian Kathak dance form, you can now evolve as an absolute slayer in no time!
  7. Several studies have successfully pinpointed certain similarities between the Spanish dance of Flamenco and Kathak. The foot movements are pretty alike in both the dance styles.
  8. In the last few years, Kathak has always been a famous dance form used in various Bollywood movies. Some of popular films are Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Pakeeza, and Mughal-e-Azam.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Kathak Dance?

If you are inclined toward Indian Kathak Dance, you will undoubtedly be blessed with a myriad of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below in this blog:

  • Learning Kathak will surely increase your physical strength to a whole new level. Kathak will allow you to maintain your slim figure while reflecting elegance without gaining extra body weight.
  • Helps you deal with nervousness and feel extremely shy while showcasing your art and talent in front of the masses? Learning Kathak and performing with a group will help you combat your stage fear.
  • Kathak is a great art form that will enable you to boost your focus and help you concentrate on minute details.
  • This dance form also comes with an array of health benefits. It will help you work on your postures and develop an excellent personality.

The Bottom Line

Learning Indian Kathak dance can potentially make you stand out, thus enabling you to steal the spotlight with your grace. Are you currently seeking professional help and online training sessions? If yes, you can check out https://kafqa.com/ and get in touch with them for expert guidance.

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