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7 Pros and Cons of Learning Carnatic Music Online

19th Jun, 2022

Music is timeless, and it has a calming impact on the one who sings and also the one who listens. These days, with the internet's exposure, each child has a different musical preference. But if your child takes a keen interest in learning Carnatic music, it would be a huge plus. Enrolling them in Carnatic music classes will help them excel in this music form.

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Carnatic singing is a rich form of Indian classical music that originated in South India. People from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka have adopted the Carnatic vocal inclusively in their lives.

So, before your child joins Carnatic music classes to learn Carnatic music, let us discuss the pros and cons of learning Carnatic music online.

Pros of Learning Carnatic Music

  1. Helps in Disciplining - Online Carnatic vocal music classes, held by professional instructors, demand that you sing in adherence to the norms of music. Regular practice with correct music etiquette improves discipline and helps in personality development.
  2. Enhances Concentration - Learning Carnatic singing online helps in enhancing focus because it necessitates a strong desire to understand and explore all aspects of the music. The instructors who are experienced in training students online take proper care to pass on the instructions so they can adopt the singing skills. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you learn it.
  3. Releases Stress - It has been scientifically demonstrated that music is a relaxing hobby. It provides a sense of serenity and relaxation to the learner. Carnatic vocal music boosts spiritual influences while also easing stress and hence functions as a stress reliever. It is not only beneficial to learners, but it is also equally soothing to those who listen to it.
  4. Develop Vocal Cords - Carnatic singing helps to develop vocal cords in kids. It also enhances their motor skills in a better way. The music and its regular practice help in correct pronunciation and Quality of speech. And overall, Carnatic singing, if you are trained online by an expert instructor, assists in developing a significant voice in children.
  5. Enhances The Brain's Functionality - Those who learn Carnatic music may have improved brain functioning as it helps in hearing the music, memory building, and enhancing the brain's sharpness as it comprehends the whole thing. As your child learns different Ragas and Swaras, it necessitates a quick recall. Therefore, learning Carnatic music activates the brain's functioning.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity - As stated previously, Carnatic vocal music is a traditional art form that brilliantly reflects Indian culture. Learning Carnatic music online with the help of a professional instructor allows students to learn about ancient music and culture as they adopt the music form in their lives.
  7. Creativity in Music - As a student learns Carnatic singing online with the instructor's help, it unleashes their creativity as they explore Kalpana, Swara, Ragas, and Alapana. As a result, Carnatic music provides a creative release within a set of regulated constraints. Hence, the learner develops creativity while they learn different Carnatic music genres.

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Cons of Learning Carnatic Music

  1. No Physical Assistance - As online classes are held from a physically distant location, it might be difficult for the instructor to assist a student with their technique and posture, such as arms, wrists, elbows, fingers, and also holding and playing the instrument correctly.
  2. Dependent on Internet Access - One of the most significant issues with online classes is their dependence on the internet. And, to have an uninterrupted classroom experience, each party needs a fast internet connection. Even if you have a secured network, it might still be unstable; if many family members use the same link all at the same time.
  3. Sound Quality - It is all about what you hear when it comes to learning music. When you are playing, it can be difficult for your teacher to gauge precisely the sound you are making unless you have a perfect internet connection.
  4. Difficulties in Demonstrating Musical Abilities to Tutors - You may be unable to physically demonstrate your musical abilities to your tutor, and you won't be able to show them how far you have learned from your lessons. As a result, the teacher may be unable to assess the effectiveness of their instruction and your performance.
  5. Not Meeting Anyone in Person - As you take online music lessons, you do not get to meet anyone in person. This may become a factor for those who prefer to be among people.
  6. No Accompaniment - Many, if not all, songs have an accompaniment section so that the teacher can play with you on the piano. This is good for competition, performance, and exam preparation. When opposed to playing with another individual, playing alone may offer the same experience.
  7. Students May Deviate From Focus - In online music sessions, some students may deviate from focusing on what their trainers are explaining.


Although online classes have some cons, these can be managed using professional services. You may look for 'online Carnatic music classes near me on the internet and choose reliable options like Kafqa Academy.

We recommend online classes to students who want to learn Carnatic music as attending offline music classes is difficult for children due to hectic schedules, commuting issues, and also the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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