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7 Easy Songs for Online Guitar Learning Classes as Beginners

14th Jun, 2022

When you have just started learning online guitar, it’s important to find some easy songs to start playing right away. Such songs require only 2 or 3 major chords. Hence, it’s easy to play based on these songs.

Please note at the beginning of online guitar learning classes that no matter how easy songs you have to play, you will not sound good. Well, we are not demotivating you. It’s a fact. You are not becoming Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones on day one. But, with time and practice, you can develop the skills to be able to play like him if not!

So, when you have a few songs ready based on which you will play the guitar, keep practicing the chords regularly, and don’t give up even if you sound weird.

To give you a head-start, we have shortlisted the best and easy-to-play songs for online guitar learning classes here!

7 Easy Songs for Online Guitar Learning Classes for Beginners

Let’s take a look at the simplest songs for beginners during their online guitar course:

1. Blessid Union of Souls “I wanna be there”

This song tops our list of guitar lessons for beginners. The song includes three simple and major chords - G, C, and D. These chords are the easiest for you to learn first on the guitar as a beginner. The chord progression is - G > C > D > G. Besides being a simple and easy song, it’s a love song! And, who doesn't like melodious romantic songs!

2. “What’s up” by Four Non-Blondes

This song features second in the list of guitar lessons for beginners. To play this song, you will need a few more chords than three. You will need to use chords like - E, Am, G, D, and B. You can easily pick up these chords on your guitar when you have just started learning. This song is extremely popular and is hit at family get-togethers or parties with friends.

3. “Love me do” - Beatles

This is a popular song for your online guitar learning by the Beatles and is a hit among music lovers across the world. While playing this awesome song, you will just need two chords - G major and C major initially for playing the chorus part. When you reach the bridge part of this song that goes by the line - “Someone to love…”, you will need to add the chord D major. With just the two chords to start with, it’s a simple song to play when you are starting to learn guitar.

Note that each of the songs for online guitar learning will have its own strumming pattern. This will vary with the song you are choosing. If you are familiar with the song and its rhythm, this will help while strumming.

4. “Brown-eyed girl” - Van Morrison

This is a favorite song for guitar lessons for beginners. The song is played at parties and weddings. You can learn this song easily using three chords of your guitar - G major, C major, and D major.

While playing the chorus part, you will have to use the E Minor chord where you reach the “My brown-eyed girl.” Just imagine how many songs you can play using these same three chords. The chord progression looks somewhat like this G > C > G > D Then C > D > G > Em.

Again, it depends on the strum pattern used will help you grow into a true guitarist. Understanding the rhythm is as critical as learning to play all the chords accurately.

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5. “Three little birds” - Bob Marley

This is a well-known song to learn guitar basics for beginners. If you like reggae, you will like playing this song on the guitar very much. The chords used in this song are - A, D, and E.

The strumming pattern with this particular song should be intentional and must possess an “island” feel.

Now we have shared a few Bollywood numbers to learn online guitar!

6. Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Tere Jeya Hor Disda

This is a legendary Hindi song famous among music lovers in India and across the world. It’s one of our favorite songs for online guitar learning. You can play this song by using the basic guitar chords. The chords used in this song are - Em, C and D. Have some patience and continue practicing this song. With more and more practice, you will pick up on the strumming pattern that the Bollywood singers and artists use.

7. Dil Ibadat by KK

Dil Ibadat is a popular Hindi song from the hindi movie Tum Mile. It is one of the easiest songs for beginners to play to learn guitar basics. You just need to place your capo on the fifth fret for this one. The chords that you must use are - Am, G, F, and C. Coming to the strumming pattern, it’s pretty basic. Goes down, down, up, up, up, and then down, up, down, up.

Finally, on Songs for Online Guitar Learning

Here we conclude the list of 7 easy songs to learn online guitar. These songs are easy to learn, particularly when you are very new to online guitar learning classes. You cannot be a master of the art at the beginning. Learning a guitar needs practice, and online classes make things easy by -

  • ZERO commuting
  • CONVENIENT scheduling
  • RECORDING lessons
  • IMMEDIATE practicing

And these easy songs will help you to pick up the rhythm and play them precisely on guitar. Thus, you will be moving one step towards mastering the art of playing guitar like a pro.

For more information, book a free demo on online guitar learning classes at Kafqa Academy.

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