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5 Most Common Indian Parenting Mistakes According to Child Psychotherapists

6th May, 2022

Parenting is not an easy job, and the lack of a handbook makes it even more difficult. But parents are human beings too, and mistakes are inevitable even for them. Let us discuss some common parental mistakes that should be avoided to give children the best life.

Parenting Mistakes That Ruins a Child's Growth | Sadhguru

1. Making Kids Pursue Your Hobbies

Parents often have the habit of making kids pursue what they liked as a child. For instance, you might have always wanted to become a cricketer as a child. Since you love spending time on the field, you will be tempted to send your kids to cricket classes. But your child might not be interested in playing cricket and want to attend online classical music classes instead.

Give your kids the freedom to pursue what they want instead of shoving your choices. Your kids won't become good at something when they are not following it with interest. Sometimes your kids might be interested in some offbeat things. For instance, your kids might be willing to learn Carnatic vocals.

You might want to influence them against pursuing it because you think becoming a Carnatic vocalist is not a good idea. However, refrain from it and let your kids pursue their hobbies. Sometimes they might just want to pursue it as a hobby, and even if they want to pursue it as their career, you should try to be supportive. You can guide them regarding their career and suggest some safe choices. But if they are willing to experiment beyond the conventional career choice, let them.

2. Not Setting the Right Examples for Kids

Parents are always telling kids what to do and what not to. You might be teaching your kids to respect others or how to deal with difficult situations. But instead of simply telling kids what to do, it helps more when you show them. Therefore, you should focus on leading the right examples for your kids.

For instance, you might want your kids to read more instead of spending their free time on smartphones, laptops, or other technological devices. In that case, you too should get into reading more. When kids see their parents spending leisure time glued to rectangular screens, they will also be intrigued to pick up one such device. But if your kids see you reading now and then, they will be more influenced to pick up a book and get into reading.

3. Hiding Violent or Depressing News from Kids

Parents are always worried about protecting their children. They often house violent and depressing news from their kids. Understandably, you don't want to scare your little ones or break their hearts. But it's not a rational thing to do because your kids won't be unfamiliar with such news throughout their lives. Sharing disturbing news is a way of making your kids familiar with the real world.

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For instance, there might have been a violent crime against kids in your area. You should tell your kid about it and teach them ways to stay safe from it. Revealing sad news also enables you to teach kids ways to deal with grief. You will be able to teach them healthy ways of expressing their emotions instead of suppressing them within themselves.

4. Expecting Perfection

Expecting perfection from kids in whatever they do is unhealthy for both parents and kids. As a parent, you will be disappointed from time to time if you always want your kids to be perfect at everything. You cannot expect your kids to achieve the highest score on every test.

It is an unrealistic goal and puts too much pressure on kids. Moreover, it makes your kids frustrated and anxious whenever they cannot meet your expectations. You need to encourage your kids to be better but don't compare them to others. Instead, you should focus on making your kids improve themselves from their past versions.

5. Avoiding Talking About Sex and Other Difficult Conversations

Kids are curious, and many of them ask their parents about sex. Parents often feel awkward and shy away from having that conversation with their kids. You should remember that conversation about sex, periods, and other so-called taboo topics is important to give a healthy life to your children.

When kids fail to get answers from parents, they turn to unreliable sources and often get the wrong information. You should know that this wrong information can lead to misconceptions about their bodies, sexuality, and future relationships.

Ending Note

Don't be too hard on yourself if you have committed any of the parental sins discussed above. Instead, try to learn from your mistakes and take the necessary actions immediately. For instance, enroll your kids in online classical music classes now! You can check out our site at Kafqa Academy to let your kids register at classes for Carnatic vocals and other things

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