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4 Reasons Why Every Dancer Should Learn Tumbling

4th Jul, 2022

Anyone who has been able to learn dancing even for a tad bit and knows about the technicalities would know that tumbling is indeed a very important pillar. But did you know that tumbling has a lot of underlying benefits as well, making it the most coveted dance form currently? Even in the domain of Hip Hop dance, there is a lot of use of tumbling, which makes it so unique.

Tumbling Tips for Beginners

We have seen that when you start to learn Hip Hop dance online as well as in offline classes, tumbling is not the first thing that is taught. Why so? The easiest explanation is that to execute a successful tumbling, you need a lot of body control and flexibility. Although some people think that tumbling is just a form of gymnastics, in reality, it is much more graceful.

People are always not able to make the right choreography work in this case, and hence learning is very important. Today we will discuss the 4 top benefits of tumbling and how learning it might facilitate you as a dancer. Not only is it an intricate part of Hip Hop dance, but even contemporary dancers also make good use of it.

What Does One Mean By Tumbling?

It is always a good decision to understand what the form is at first before you know what its benefits are. In very simple words, the term tumbling refers to a very high-energy form of dance that makes use of your body's flexibility. Here it would be best if you had control over certain body parts to exhibit the perfect posture.

We can easily say that tumbling is an amalgamation of domains like dance, acrobats, strength, and even flexibility. Few people have a clear idea of how to make tumbling work, and hand learning is very crucial. When you first join as a dancer, it will take a lot of time for you to practice and master this form of dance. We can say that tumbling adds a lot of visual aesthetic to your choreography.

If you want to pursue something a bit unique, then there is certainly nothing that can be better than tumbling. Once you are done with the basic classes on learning Hip Hop online, tumbling should be the next course.

Top 4 Benefits of Learning Tumbling

Be it for Hip Hop dance or any other form of dance, we can give you many reasons why tumbling is important. However, today we will talk about the top 4 reasons in this respect.

  1. Strength and Flexibility - When you start learning to tumble in Hip Hop, you might be disappointed because it might not go as expected. This is primarily because you need a lot of body strength and flexibility to master the postures. However, with time, as you move forward and learn more and practice, your body strength and flexibility will increase.
    Increasing body strength and flexibility is not only important for tumbling, but it even gives you a certain bit of stature. Both these factors are very important for dancers to develop their skills more.
  2. Unique and Prevents Burnout - Tumbling is a form of dance that is unique and quite appealing to the eyes. When you keep performing the same genre of dance, it sometimes gets a bit boring, and that happens for dancers as well.
    We can say that tumbling adds to a creative factor and makes the choreography look much more unique. Also, because it is very different, dancers feel interested to learn it. As you learn Hip Hop dance online, you can easily master the skills of tumbling and perform uniquely in front of a crowd.
  3. Core Strength - Another very potential benefit of tumbling is that it allows you to develop a certain bit of core strength. Why is it important as a dancer? As a dancer, you need to have control of the core as it will lend to the strength of your dance. Not only that, strength is related to flexibility and agility as well and hence are important components for dancers to build on.
    When you focus on core strength, automatically, your entire body fitness gets developed as well. As dancers, nothing can be more important than maintaining a healthy body and tumbling definitely helps to maintain this aspect.

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  4. Better Motor Coordination - Lastly, another very important reason why we ask you to admit kids into tumbling lessons through Hip Hop dance classes is that it helps in better motor coordination. It is important for kids to build strong motor skills and coordinate their motor activities better while dancing.
    Better motor coordination will ensure you can better use your hands and coordinate them. Not only that, dancers tend to make the most usage of motor coordination, and hence building on it is very important.


If you are looking for classes where you can choose to learn to tumble, then we have the right option for you. The best option, in this case, is to trust Kafqa Academy, and they have tried to create the best platform for learning to dance Hip Hop online.

Tumbling is an important part of our Hip Hop dance classes, and hence great for you to sign up. Hurry and apply today because the available slots are limited. Also, book a trial Hip Hop dance class with Kafqa Academy and feel the real vibe of dancing under a great instructor.

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