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3 Ways to Make Public Speaking for Kids Easier

5th May, 2022

Public speaking is a skill that allows you to talk about your opinions, emotions, and point of view in a more holistic and integrative manner. Not only that, this skill is essential for all individuals. Yet, when it comes to public speaking, most adults take a back seat because they are not well-versed, which causes a lot of apprehension. But do you know what can help you at this juncture? It is a public speaking academy!

Be a More Confident Public Speaker

Public speaking for kids is very important. We often think that as a child grows up, it becomes difficult for them to imbibe the skills rapidly and hence the best thing to do is to get them started from the initial days. Because the course is a bit different from your regular studies or even skill sets, it can take time to get adopted. However, if you want to ace the process, there are a few ways to help you move forward.

Tips To Help Kids Learn Public Speaking Faster

It is essential to understand that each kid has their own pace, and depending upon their potential, the learning takes place. However, there are a few ways that tend to act as positive catalysts and boost your learning. We have tried to talk about the top 3 ways which can be best applied to your little ones;

1. Give Them Feedback

After your kid is done with a short speech which they might have learned from the public speaking classes, all you can do as parents is be proud and shower them with compliments. In most cases, parents tend to get very blown away by the kids' performance, and this works as a deterrent in their learning procedure. So, you have to provide the correct feedback, which will help them grow faster.

However, at the same time, it is also essential to understand that making it too critical or negative could be a significant deterrent and hence do not succumb to that either. Instead, try to provide your kids with feedback on where they could have improved more and which areas need more practice. Do not undermine the power of good quality criticism because it is essential to help your kids grow in the field too rapidly.

2. Practice And Record

There is nothing which can ever take the place of rigorous practice, precisely when we talk about learning a new skill like public speaking. The most crucial aid that you have in this domain is to record the practice session, and this will let your kid have an insight as to where they are going wrong and how they can develop on the same. It is essential to understand that no alternative can work better than rigorous practice sessions for public speaking.

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Try to sit with your child and set up a basic routine which will allow them to practice every day. Having the essential practice is important as it will keep them in the habit and continually improve their aptitude for public speaking as a skill set to develop. It is not a wrong to say that public speaking for kids can be a bit more time-consuming; however, once they adapt to the skill, it is not that problematic for them anymore.

3. Plan Games

The best way to make sure that your kid learns public speaking sooner and even retains the same is by helping them to learn it with the help of simple and yet exciting games. It has been seen that kids tend to learn better when they are taught with the help of games, and consequently, it helps them learn faster. You can check on the internet and find some best games for kids to learn public speaking much


Public speaking for kids has to be fun, and this will automatically help you make them learn faster and even retain the learning for longer. In addition, there are tons of games which can be played with them. If you participate in the games, that becomes even more interesting for the kids to participate—going out of the box and making the learning process enjoyable can boost learning and reduce the average learning time.


When it comes to helping kids learn the technique of public speaking, it is essential to have an extra dose of patience because that tends to be very important. However, sometimes there might be a requirement for learning even faster, which is when these tips come in handy.

If you want your child to acquire public speaking skills like a professional, it is best to sign up for classes offered by KAFQA Academy. We have specialized classes for the little ones from the age of 6 years who might need extra assistance while learning. Try to make it a bit interesting, and the kids will surely enjoy such special training.

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