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25 Interesting Public Speaking Topics For Students

8th Jun, 2022

Looking for public speaking topics for students but have no idea how you can choose the best options for you? We have got you covered and brought forth the most interesting topics for public speaking. All these topics are pertinent to the current scenario, and hence you can make sure that the students do not have any problems when you give these topics to the students.

The public speaking topics that we will be providing to you can be used in any language that you want. The topics are best suited if you have any upcoming school or institution-based competition to perform in.

Best Topics for Speech

25 Interesting Public Speaking Topics for Students

We would love to outline not only the 25 best topics for English speech but also topics for discussion, which can be used in other languages as well.

  1. Express Your Views on the Changing Patterns of Globalisation - This topic for extempore requires you to speak on how the structure of globalisation is changing.
  2. Is Global Warming A Myth? - It is one of the most valid presentation topics for students and requires them to talk about how global warming affects us.
  3. How Does The Pandemic Become Detrimental For Mental Health? - Speak in detail about how to COVID-19 pandemic has affected us mentally and bogged us down.
  4. Do You Think That Real Wealth Cannot Be Counted Only With Money? - A Holistic topic where you should talk about more than just money as your wealth.
  5. Does The Popularity of Junk Food Lie On The Able Marketing? - Junk food is indeed very popular and a part of our daily life, but do you think it is the marketing responsible for such popularity?
  6. Does Artificial Intelligence Come At Par With Human Intelligence? - Explain your take on if artificial intelligence is anywhere compared to human intelligence.
  7. Perils of Being A Mother- The Real Culture Biased Concern. - Is being a mother as blissful as it seems, or do the perils come into the picture? Explain.
  8. Is Indian Classical Music Gradually Coming to An End? - Talk about your perspective on whether the domain of Indian classical music is being overshadowed by the advent of western music and pop culture.
  9. Should We Ban The Testing Of Products On Animals? - As animal activists make it a grave issue, should we stop the testing of products on animals? Elucidate.
  10. Was The Pandemic The Biggest Business Strategy of the Millennium? - Do the controversial theories have a tinge of truth, and was the pandemic a big business?
  11. America and Its Contribution To The Current Globalisation of the World. - Explain how America has single-handedly been the face of globalisation for most countries worldwide.
  12. Schools and Their Contribution To The Holistic Development of the Students. - How does a school contribute to the overall growth of the students?
  13. Are Teachers No Longer Concerned as the Second Mothers For Our Kids? - Has the over criticism of teachers made them go distant from the students? Share your point of view.

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  14. Animals and Their Innate Contribution to the Biodiversity of the World. - Talk about how animals have been a very important part of the biodiversity we survive in.
  15. Is Senior Community Living The New Resolution for the Senior Members? - Talk about whether the senior citizen living is now an accepted norm of our culture.
  16. It's Time That We Move Past the Stigma of Mental Health. - Do you think it is high time we start recognizing the importance of Mental Health?
  17. Extra-Marital Affairs Has Become the New Norm For Married Couples. - Has modernization impacted the relationship shared between married couples as well- Share your viewpoint?
  18. Legalizing LSD for Pain Relief is Important in A Country Like India. - Do you think it is okay that we in India legalize LSD just like foreign countries?
  19. Study Does Not Have Any Age and Preferences. - Is it okay for people to restart their studies even after a considerable period of the gap- what are your viewpoints?
  20. Being A Corporate Enslaved Person Is Made More Derogatory Than The Normal. - Do you think that we love criticizing the workforce no matter what the condition is?
  21. Is being a Good Student Overrated? - Do you think that merit no longer has its perk and being a good student is not required anymore?
  22. The Harsh Reality of Students Choosing Friends Over Parents. - What are your viewpoints on children who prefer taking advice more from friends than from parents?
  23. Does Love Mean Compromising One's Self Esteem? - Do you think it is okay to give up one's respect for the loved one?
  24. How Does Veganism Benefit or Disturb The Food Chain? - What are your takes on the effects of veganism, and does it benefit anyone?
  25. Can We Blame China Alone For the Spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic? - Talk about whether the role of china in the spread of the pandemic has been blown out of proportion.

These topics can be used for any school student and are best suited as extempore topics for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12.


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