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13 Fascinating Books Of Ramayana Short Stories in English For Kids

14th Jun, 2022

Stories are very important for kids, and the best point to start with is from epics and novels. The one genre of stories that is extremely popular among kids and teaches them important life lessons is none but Ramayana stories.

The teachings that these stories inculcate in our kids are very important not only for emotional growth but also making them better As human beings. Stories are one of the most important things that should be included in the curriculum for every kid.

However, one problem that many parents often face when it comes to narrating the story of Ramayana is that the original compilation is very difficult and hard for the kids to understand. It is because of this reason that there have been several editions of the Ramayana short stories in English, which are equally good, and, most importantly, they are easy to understand.

We will today talk about the 13 best ones from the field, although the list is unending. These are Ramayana short stories in English but are easy to understand and relate to.

13 Top Picks When It Comes To Ramayana Short Stories:

Stories for kids should not only be simple to read but should also have a lot of bright illustrations to attract their vision. Some of the best in this domain are:

1. Junior Kumbhakarna

The first name that we will take in this domain is Junior Kumbhakarna and Shreya Sen. With quirky illustrations written, this book is perfect for kids who love to have a visual watch and talks about Kumbhakarna, an epic Ramayan Character.

2. Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana

This is one of the best stories for kids and is set on simplifying the Ramayana saga. Bhakti Mathur has written the book, and it tends to have some amazing pictures to look up to.

3. The Ramayana in Pictures

As the name would already suggest, this particular book is perfect for all those who do not love to read a lot. The entire story has been depicted with the help of pictures, and there are some illustrations made for easier understanding. It is perfect for kids who are just starting to read.

4. The Adventures of Rama

The adventures of Rama talks about King Rama and how he was banished from his kingdom and yet found his way out to life. The book is a great depiction of Ramayana's various stories and is a good read for your kids.

5. The Children's Ramayana

All of us know that the original Ramayana is very difficult for the kids to make sense of. The Children's Ramayana is, however, a very simple version and makes sure that they are vested in completing the read. It is indeed a good read for kids.

6. Hanuman's Ramayan

Who does not know Hanuman from Ramayan, right? Retold by Devdutt Pattanaik, this story focuses on the story of Ramayana from the perspective of Hanuman, who is indeed very important.

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7. The Upside Down King

The Upside Down King has been composed by the legendary Sudha Murty and is indeed a fantastic read for the kids. The focus of this book is to concentrate on the lesson on the stories of Rama and Krishna and make them more known to the kids.

8. The Story of Jatayu

We cannot deny that without the presence of jatayu, Ramayana is an incomplete story. Hence the story Of Jatayu talks about Jatayu, who was indeed a very brave heart and tried to fight The evil Ravana till his last breath.

9. Rama and the Demon King

Rama and The Demon King is a much simpler version of the Ramayana and perfect for those kids who are just starting to read and cannot go for many complex sentences. Rama and the Demon King has a lot of pictures for the kids to go through.

10. Ramayana for Children by Arshia Sattar

Arshia Sattar is a known child author, and her take on the Ramayana for Children is indeed quite fascinating. It is a good read for those kids who want to read simple books and yet get the essence of the story.

11. Lights for the Blue Prince

As many would already know, King Rama was dressed as the blue friends because of his bluish skin tone. This book by Soumya S Iyer is a good read for those who love the form of shadow puppetry, and it is very interesting as well.

12. Sita’s Ramayana by Samhita Arni

This book is often used by those who narrate stories to kids in a storytelling course. It is a take on the story of Ramayana from the perspective of Sita, who is indeed very important and a character to remember.

13. Prince of Fire: The Story of Diwali by Jatinder Verma

The story is fit for kids who fall in the age range of 5, and it talks about how lord Rama made Diwali a norm for everybody.


The stories of Lord Rama and his sacrifice are indeed very important for kids to learn. If you want to start your kids to learn the stories of Lord Rama, then enrolling them in a storytelling course could be beneficial. You could enroll your child with us at Kafqa Academy’s online storytelling classes . We ensure that your kids can learn more and even narrate the stories with ease.

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