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11 Ways to Say Your Passion for Hip Hop Dance is Real

26th Apr, 2022

Every decade enables one dance style to come under the limelight. But hip hop as a dance form has been relevant for decades. The style has evolved and holds huge cultural significance. If you are passionate about hip hop dance, reveal your passion through the following ways:

11 Signs that you will be a Great Dancer

1. Join Online Hip Hop Classes

The best way to prove your passion for the dance form is to start attending classes. You can join online hip hop classes to hone your skills further. Professional training will ensure that you become better with your moves.

2. Watch Online Videos

Some hip hop dancers wonder how to learn hip hop dance at home. The best way to learn the dance form at home is to watch online videos. The videos will help you learn at your own pace. In some videos, you are given detailed tutorials to perform every step.

3. Get Familiar with Hip Hop Lingo

If you want to prove your passion for the dance form, you should learn its terms. Knowing the hip hop vocabulary will show how enthusiastic you are about it. You will also find it easy to follow instructions in classes when you are aware of some common terms. For instance, your hip hop instructor might ask you to “freestyle.” It means dancing without setting up a choreography.

4. Participate in Competitions

If you are truly passionate about hip hop dance, you should not shy away from taking part in competitions. Competitions are a great way to publicly showcase your talent, whether you win or lose. It also helps you gain valuable insights about your dance from the respective judges. You also get an opportunity to learn by watching the other dancers perform.

5. Practice Regularly

Apart from joining a hip hop class, you should also set a specific routine to practice at home. Without regular practice, you won’t be able to become better at the dance form. You will be able to set better choreographies as you develop a deeper understanding of the dance form through adequate practice. Time your practice sessions according to your need and convenience. While some people need hour-long practices every day, others prefer practicing for three to four hours on weekends.

6. Follow Popular Dancers

Another way to show your passion for hip hop dance is to follow people who are really good at it. Whether it’s the Les Twins or Beyonce, find your inspiration. Follow hip hop personalities on social media platforms and watch their videos to imitate their style. The famous hip hop personalities are ruling the industry for a reason. Following them will help you become as good as them someday.

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7. Create Innovative Choreographies

One reason behind the popularity of hip hop is that it lets you be creative. Once you learn how to learn hip hop dance at home, you should start setting your own choreographies. Pour your passion into your unique choreographies and use them as an opportunity for self-expression.

8. Take Part in Dance Battles

Participating in hip hop battles is the best way to prove your love and passion for the dance form. They are the perfect opportunity to improvise and put your best foot forward. You will be surprised to see the moves you are capable of doing once you take part in a dance battle.

9. Teach Others

If you are really passionate about hip hop, teach the dance form to others. You will inspire your students to become as passionate about hip hop as you. Once you have mastered the style, people will appreciate you sharing your skills with them.

10. Learn About the History of Hip Hop Dance

If you are passionate about hip hop, you will be interested to know everything about it. Acquaint yourself with its history and understand how it came into existence. You can also try to understand the difference between different types of hip hop dance like b-boying and funk.

11. Make a Career Out of It

If you love hip hop dance from the core of your heart, don’t treat it as a second option. Build a career out of it by becoming a professional hip hop artist. It will ensure that you are able to pursue what you love all the time instead of having to find time for it in between work and academics.

Final Thoughts

Don’t delay joining online hip hop dance classes anymore. If you are looking for a professional place to become the best at hip hop, do join KAFQA Academy.

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