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10 popular singers Who are considered to have the best vocal technique

2nd May, 2022

Music is one domain which has seen some of the best singers from all over the world. The most promising thing about these singers is that they all have a unique ability which means they separate from the crowd. So if you are someone who is inquisitive and wants to go forth with Western vocal classes or even Indian music classes, then it is almost certain that you will even have some of your favorites.

Best Evergreen Song | Lata Mangeshkar

The most important thing to understand here is that when you have iconic singers, it is always something that you can learn from them. So we have tried to talk about the top 10 singers who are great in the domain and have been able to make the best singers have a technique of their own.

Top 10 Singers who Have Their Own Unique Technique

The top 10 singers who have their very own technique and can bring something new to the audience are:

1. Beyonce

One of the most popular singers known to have the most promising singing technique is none other than Beyonce. The best thing about Beyoncé is the quality of her very attractive voice, and she makes sure to use it positively. Beyonce is one name that has come up a long way since the beginning. Beyoncé's strong voice is indeed the most innate quality that she possesses.

2. Rihana

Talking about singers who have an individualistic quality and a great vocal technique to boast about, we must talk about Rihana, the leading lady in western vocals. The innate control of her voice, and the ability to make lucid voice modulations, is something that not everybody can achieve. Rihana has a quality which many people fail to achieve, and hence her technique is a result of years of hard work and dedication in the field.

3. Shreya Ghoshal

If we talk about singing maestros who have been the epitome of right techniques, then Shreya Ghoshal is known to be the best in her field. Her specialty includes the fact that she can hold her breath for a long time, and at the same time, her voice continues to retain the melody. Shreya Ghoshal is one of those singers who has mastered the quality completely, and when you listen to her songs, it will not feel like she is doing something additionally. 

4. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar is often referred to as the nightingale of India, and it is because of her pitch of voice which is known to be the most different from others. The most innate quality about her voice is that it can easily reach upto higher pitches, but it would not sound like it is shrill or even that her voice is breaking. The technique that she uses is very difficult to master. For most singers, even if they are experienced in the field, it would take years to make the process fruitful and reach their specifications.

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5. David Bowie

When we talk about singers who are known to have the best techniques imbibed in them, then the name of David Bowie has to be mentioned. David is one of those singers who has transformed an Average voice into the most powerful voice, and that has been done by learning the adequate usage of the vocal chord. Some exercises can help you make your voice note powerful, which is exactly what David Bowie has done. 

6. Karen Carpenter

The unique thing about Karen Carpenter is the basement voice that she could shift into. Although she is a singer who can sing in high pitches, the most noted technique was that she could occasionally transform into a very low range of tone, which she often referred to as the "basement". She was able to find and excel in a particular vocal key, which seemed to be made for her voice.

7. Frank Sinatra

When you hear a Frank Sinatra song, you automatically know it's him, which is because of the tones he uses. The most prominent thing about Sinatra as a singer is that he could use very conjugated tones in a melodic and soulful demeanour. 

8. Katy Perry

The most noted technique used by Katy Perry is that she tends to focus on breathy sounds and lower placement techniques. She has been practicing this technique for years, and it ensures that it becomes something which is done uniquely for her.

9. Annie Lennox

The best thing about the voice of Annie Lennox is that it can add to a more dual-tone voice. So, you get to hear not only the contemporary notes more prominently but can vouch for the operatic tone as well.

10. Axl Rose

Who does not know Axl Rose from Guns and Roses, right? The quality that has made him supremely popular among most individuals is that he can extend his voice range miraculously, which works wonders for him.


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