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Importance of Pushpak Hastak Hand Gestures in Kathak For Beginners

6th May, 2022

When we first start learning a dance form, it is essential to understand that it is the basics which have to be given all the focus. On this basis, the rest of the learning consolidation takes place and hence even for Kathak, that stands true. Kathak is one of the most intricate dance forms, and there is a severe emphasis on hand gestures like the pushpak Hastak.

Anyone who knows even a bit about Kathak as a dance form would know that pushpak Hastak is very important. So, before you learn Kathak online, let's discuss what is hasta mudra in Kathak.

Importance of Pushpak Hastak in Kathak

The next thing that one must remember is that pushpak Hastak is one of the most basic gestures of Kathak and extremely important. Pushpak Hastak in Kathak is like the abcd of English alphabets, and without learning this, you will not be able to move forward.

What Does One Mean By Pushpak Hastak?

Before we talk about how pushpak Hastak is important in Kathak or even the significance of the same gesture, it is essential first to learn what the pushpak Hastak hand gesture is all about. The word pushpak comes from the Sanskrit word "pushp", which means flowers. Here the hands are usually sculpted like a blooming flower, and it tends to exhibit a very tender form of dance expression.

Pushpak Hastak in Kathak is frequently used as an open flower, and it is the soothing tone of the movement which makes it stand out from others. Among numerous other hand gestures, you will always notice that the pushpak Hastak gesture tends to have immense significance and shine out. Not only that but it is also used very frequently and almost in all kathak choreographies.

What is the Significance of Pushpak Hastak?

When we talk about the significance of hasta mudra in Kathakit would not be a misnomer to say that it is simply beautiful and used to refer to a flower which is open or in the process of blooming. While some people tend to couple a pair of beautiful footwork with the hand gesture, there are other choreographies where you let the hand gesture shine more. Pushpak Hastak is indeed an extraordinary form of hand gesture, and the most intricate thing about this movement is that it signifies being delicate.

The pushpak Hastak gesture is famous amongst most kathak dancers. There is widespread usage of the same when compared with the other gestures, be it the pataka or the ardhapataka gesture. The best thing about this gesture is that it is straightforward to master, and just by practising it a couple of times, you will be able to pull off a correct hand gesture. The most striking thing about this particular form of hand gesture is that while amateurs can master the hand gesture with time, the professionals tend to make it more graceful and have a personal touch to add.

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What Does the Pushpak Hastak Hand Gesture Look Like?

Now that we have understood what the pushpak Hastak hand gesture signifies and how much importance it holds, it is important that we even talk about how you can master the hand gesture. The process is easy- you have to be first in your starting posture, take both hands, and join the wrists together. Once that has been done, you need to turn the hands in an opposite direction and open your fingers simultaneously by keeping the little finger joined with each other.

When you master the hand gesture, it should look more like a blooming or opened flower with many petals. It is usually your fingers that will depict the petals, and the best thing is that it tends to look fantastic if you can put it under the right song as well. The pushpak Hastak gesture in Kathak is not only essential; however, with a few variations here and there, you can carve out different steps from that one gesture as well.

Where Can You Learn the Basic Hand Gestures of Kathak Like Pushpak Hastak?

Now that we have entirely learned what the pushpak Hastak gesture is and how it can be used for people, the next important thing to understand is where you can learn it. Some people tend to watch videos and learn when some want to put in that extra effort and learn from professional kathak teachers. So if you go by our opinion, we would say that it is much better to have a good option like KAFQA Academy if you want to learn Kathak online.


The best thing is that they will teach you the basics, but they will also ensure that you can even move up to the advanced levels of hand gestures and footwork. So be a little perseverant during your learning process, and you will certainly have a gala experience learning the basics of Kathak. So join their classes today, and it is also highly affordable!

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