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Story of KAFQA

The world needs more art & more artists. Kafqa Academy was born out of this belief & our love for the stage. Named after the European author, Franz Kafka and the Kafka Layer - our approach to building Kafqa is a marriage between arts & technology. Our online dance, music, singing, public speaking and storytelling classes will open the doors to nurture your creative expression. We would like to claim that the `q` instead of the `k` is because of artistic interpretations. However, if you can guess the reason, you can send me an email on shariq@kafqa.com.

Our Mission - Kafqa

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve artists from their first step in the performing arts to their success on the largest stages in the world.
Why Us Kafqa - Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global performing arts academy serving learners while nurturing an artists’ community by offering them opportunities

Meet The Team

Meet our team behind the scenes who are dedicated to making your experience at our dance, music, singing, public speaking and storytelling academy, a highly rewarding one.

Ridhi - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Ridhi Gupta

Founding Member & VP, Dance

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Pranay - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Pranay Sinha

Founding Member & VP, Content

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Waibhav - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Waibhav Pareek

Head, Studio Acquisition & Ops

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Rishov - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Rishov Choudhury

Head, Inside Sales

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Akhil - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Akhil Kumar

VP, Music

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Srinivas - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Srinivas Beesetty

VP, Theatre & Speaking

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Manju - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Manjunath Hadagali

Product Head, Customer Acquisition

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Abhinav - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Abhinav Agrawal

Product Head, Service Delivery

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Akash - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Akash Sharma

Head, Engineering

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Shariq - Meet The Team - Kafqa

Shariq Plasticwala

Founder and CEO

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